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Ww2 Mounted Older Wakizashi Signed Kanemichi

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So I thought i would share with you all my recent purchases. Some of you may have this one up for auction recently, and after some haggling with the seller i feel i got it for a good price.


It is a nice older wakizashi in wartime ww2 mounts. It was described as naval in origin, and attempts to trace any detail on the former owner Mr 'Komatsu Kotaro' has so far turned up blank.


Signed Kanemichi

  • blade length:428 mm
  • motohaba:27.5mm motokasane:6mm
  • sakihaba:21.5mm sakikasane:4mm


The shirasaya has a fascinating (for me!) wartime inscription which i have so far had tentatively had translated as:


  修理固成の神勅?? 皇運扶翼之血誓 小松恒太郎


  Japanese oracle to repair the national land injured by the war and strengthen the foundation.

   the blood oath of supporting imperial court  the sword owner KOMATSU KOTARO


  天壌??尊皇攘夷 大いなる悲願に生きて天地と極みなき代を拝みまつる  


 heaven and earth ?? Imperialism and exclusionism    

 I (KOTARO) do at the risk of my life for great earnest desire and bend the knee to Empire of Japan uniting with Japanese gods of heaven


Interested in peoples comments. It has no papers, so i am treating it as gimei, but the mei is almost identical with another wakizashi i have found that does have papers and is attributed to the same smith.


Regardless of whether the blade is original, i just think the whole package is fascinating.










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This sayagaki on the Shirasaya is patriotic phrase very much.


Adam san,

Your English translation isn't correct.
Can you please post pics of both side of the shirasaya?


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I'm afraid that from the limited and low quality images, I'm inclined to agree with Thomas for the same reasons. The leather on the saya is ourstanding to. A little too good. Shirasaya and blade look genuine though!


Some better photos would really help.

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thanks for the replies Gents.


I haven't received the item yet and so will post more pics once i have it.


I had some doubts over the fittings myself, but at the price i paid it was good value just for a signed Wak in Shirasaya, any genuine fittings would just be a bonus.


Once I post better pics I would be really grateful if someone can then help with correcting the translation of the sayagaki.

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A good reply Adam, too often people get overly defensive when there is doubt over the authenticity of something or some part of a purchase. It is refreshing to see you take it in stride. Thumbs up!

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