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Need Help Translating Tag + Check Ww2 Sword


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Hi, first of all 'kudoss' & congrats on the site.

I'm a first timer..so pls be gentle.

Sorry in advance for a thread.

To the job at hand, I inherited from great grandfather a ww2 sword many a year ago.

I remember the day as a kid, him showing & telling me all the stories. From that very first day as a kid, (think I claimed it!) I always kept my eye on it.

Now 40ish, I blew the dust of it 3-4 mths ago & thought I'd give it another look.

My dad's m8 had a go long ago & told us 'it's nothing, military made, standard thing pumped out in the day, not worth 1-2 hundred maybe, cr*p!..' and that's what my dad thought ever since, but not me i still though mine(only seen a cool sword).

Here's what I've got so far, the mei (i hope!) is Noshu ju Kanenobu & was made in showa period march 1944.

The blade is shinto style and tachi in length at a little over 27".

The nakago is star & arsenal stamped + 'ho' stamped on mune. Slight gunome hamon, bit rough, but still sharp as 70 odd yrs on, since sharpened!. In shin-gunto type-3 military mount.

It came with a tag, since learnt possible surrender tag(thought name tag)..

That's where I'm part stuck..

So far I've got, Rikugun shoi, army sec.sub lieutenant, Okazaki eiiki? eiichi? aichi? Thats all I got.

Anyone that would be able to translate it & check the mei+date & be able to tell a little more info. on sword 2 cross reference mine(so i can tell my dad it's not the cr*p sword like he thinks).

Since I live in the land of kangaroos & koalas (Aust.) I would love to have the blade professionally sharpened & polished, but am very limited on options. Would anyone know of someone that can be trusted to do the job?!?(I know really only Japan) but you got to ask. Is the blade worth the polish? Or? is the polish worth more than the blade?!

Pls post reply, any info. is all good.

Sorry again for length of thread. Cheers, check out pics.

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Looks like you've already got all we can give you. Your translation of the name tag looks right to me


陸軍少尉  Rikugun Shōi

岡崎榮喜      Okazaki Hideki (could be other possible readings)


Kanenobu also looks right, but I think the date is Shōwa 18 (1943). 

The shot you posted is too far away to tell much about the sword.

You might find other WW2-era Kanenobu signatures on the web if you search around for them. 


Make sure to leave a first name and initial - forum rules.  

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Thanks for the fast reply, should of checked the date closer, the name Hideki didn't even look at..thanks, heaps

Posted closer photos of tachi.

Sort of..don't know if can see much in photos.

Ta for the verification,fix on mei & date.

Started to translate mostly from your site in the first place. You're worth your weight in gold.

Does she look worthy of a polish?.it's a little rough.

Maybe a diamond in the rough, or a stick in the mud??


Mark L post-3829-0-73189700-1474885474_thumb.jpgpost-3829-0-82924200-1474885448_thumb.jpgpost-3829-0-83686400-1474885412_thumb.jpgpost-3829-0-08030600-1474885513_thumb.jpgpost-3829-0-13237600-1474885563_thumb.jpg

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Hi Mark,


For me the corrosion around the mono uchi area looks too deep to polish out satisfactorily but that's not an expert view. 


There's this guy, Andrew Ickeringill, in Melbourne but I don't know anything about him: https://touken-togishi.com/


Perhaps some Aussie members can give you a view.




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Pitting was there when dad got it, knew some wouldn't come out, more sort of want to bring it back to life?

Do you think maybe true gendaito or not?!

I know bit hard to tell from cond.+ little photos.

With the interpretation of tag, Hideki ,

Dunno looks a little weird in that bit too???? but I'm an aussie what would i know..

Does anybody else think or can see something in the tag maybe? Jump in, just gives me something to search. It be good to name/trace original owner(sorry won't be getting back) so I can pass it on to my kids!!


After they pry it from me, of course!

Sort of just need to know if part polish is a worthwhile thing, passed the wife..

I'm keen, she's not so..

Should I leave it, like she would like?




Bring back a little, don't over enjoy the orig. Might change spending that much!


Back to thread,





Mark L

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Can't see it in the pics, but if it does have the star stamp, then it's definitely Gendaito and worth looking after. At 27", it is also unlikely to be mass produced anyways. I think you have a decent sword there. Read the info in the FAQ about polishing and value etc, to decide how you would like to proceed. But you did far better than your dad's mate :)

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Just a couple extra photos,

Sorry, I know thread should be about translations..but

I spose I did translate the 'Ho' stamp from your forums, the day before I signed..

So thanks again.







This is the one i found through you guys just recently. post-3829-0-30607200-1474933926_thumb.png


Its all about research..



Mark L

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Gday Mark welcome to the board mate. We are very lucky to have Andrew Ickeringill in Australia, i havnt had a sword polished (yet) but have held a blade in hand that belongs to a member here that he polished and it was absolutely stunning to say the least. Great to see another Ausie with the bug. Which state? Im in Vic. All the best.



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I don't understand what you are looking for. I already gave you the kanji.

It was simplified after the war to 栄. Normally it is read as Ei, but there are a ton of alternate readings possible (including Hide).


英 is a completely different kanji, and it is different from the one written on the tag in your photo.  

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Sorry a bit of aussie slang..

For everyone else.

+ i got remember putting in name


Got to try get passed the other half before polish, but will definitely be posting before and after (in due time)

Time will tell

Definitely keep posted, bit for shore.



Mark L

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