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8 Swords For Sale

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8 Swords FOR SALE:


--1 Million Yen Gendai Army Sword by Kaneaki, $1895

--WW II Katana w/Dragon & Sanscrit Horimono, $1595

--WW2 Army Katana, Unsigned, $825

--(Rare) FULL TEMPER Hitatsura O-Tanto, Just Polished by Bob Benson, $2750

--23rd Generation Kanefusa 1944 Mounts Army Sword, High-Grade Koshirae, $1950

--PAPERED WW II Gendaito by YOSHICHIKA, Imperial Guard, w/(Rare) Family Mon Menuki, $4500

--WW2 Era Police Sword w/Nihonto Blade, $600

--PAPERED 16th Century Soshu Hiromasa D-Guard w/Fine HORIMONO, $6500


--8 Iron Tsuba, $75-$350


--2 Arrow/Yanone, 1 Sukashi, 1 (Rare) Yari shape, $350-$550


--1 Very Fine Kozuka w/Pilgrimage Motif, Miniature Kanji in Motif, $400



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Always enjoy browsing your site Matt. Besides the swords, you have some awesome military fighting knives.

Oh..and a few pics posted here wouldn't hurt ;-)

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