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Swords For Sale

David McDonald

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Dear All


the following are a group of swords I have for sale.

there are no Juyo swords here but some are very nice and

some would be good for a martial artist.  Number 14 has a number

of cracks.


If you would like images of one or two sword email me at


and I will send them.

Questions or if you would like to make an offer also

email me at jswords@mcn.net



david mcdoanld


1. Naginata, 20.6 inch,  Kunitsugu, shinto, 越前大藤原国次

                    The sword is a naginata signed Echizen no Daijo Fujiwara Kunitsughu,

Horikawa school.

                Great sword in full polish with NBTHK papers,  with two piece gold foil habaki and shirasaya.

This naginata has the vary rare graceful shape of naginata with shobu-zukuri kissaki.

Active chu-suguha hotsure in Yamashira tradition with itame to o-itame to mokume hada


Kunitsugu worked in Yamashiro around 1648 and is listed as a chujo saku smith in Fujishiro’s book.  With letter from Michihiro Tanobe that both the signature and papers are real.  In the letter he states the Kunitsugu mei is a very fine specimen.


The blade has a NBTHK hozon paper to the first generation Kunitsugu, Kanei

period (1624).

Horikawa school,  tempered down the entire back side until the naginata relief ends.

There is the small groove up the blade like most naginata, the large groove

is a ken but the middle Groove in the Ken has been polished out


Nagasa 20.75"

Nakago,  19.25",  2 hole (shira saya has two hole)

Old shira saya


Asking $3250  inventory 4/13/7


2. Katana 26 3/8 inch  Yoshitada 1940’s

Tachi omote

肥前国吉忠 - Hizen no Kuni Yoshitada

Tachi ura

護国  - Gokoku – Defense of the homeland

A blade in very good polish with itame to masame had and a active suguha with

Activity.  Mounted in shingunto mounts with a silver wash habaki and brown lacquered saya.

 Some scratches on the blade.  One fukure in the mune area.


Asking $2250                      inventory #8/16/6


3.  Ito-no-maki Tachi, with 26.3 inch blade, (showa stamp) Noshu Seki ju Toki Sukenobu saku

                The blade is in fair polish with gunome hamon. 

Mounts are WWII period tachi mounts with new gold brown ito with brown lacquered saya.

The tachi sageo is tied on the saya.  Tsuka with dragon menuki.


Asking $2750 inventory 3/13/1


4.   Katana   26 3/8 inch  23rd generation Kanefusa

Sho stamp


Noshu Seki ju ni ju san dai Fujiwara Kanefusa saku kore


Good blade with gunome hamon some rust staining. Mounted in

Shingunto mounts with the koiguchi on the saya having the stamped

Parts number PT 282603 and PT 282604, family mon on kashira.


Asking $2250      inventory # 8/16/5

5.  Katana 27 3/8 inch signed Kawachi no kami Kunesuke.
Nice fuchi/kashira of dragons most likely made of shakudo that has been cleaned
    now is a copper color.  Menuki of dragon.  All of the same-gawa has been removed and the
ito is very weak.  Tsuba is iron with a number of open fans.  Black saya. 
Hamon is the kobuchigata (fist-shaped) choji midare.
The hamon was started with the 2nd generation but this does not match the 2nd signature
so most like 3rd or 4th generation.  poor polish with some deaper grinding scratches.
asking  $1500

6. Katana 27 1/16 inch  mumei shinto/shinshinto (might be late koto (sue koto)
Fuchi/kashir of mino style with bugs with menuki zodaic animals. with black saya.
hamon is gunome with activity.  poor polish but you can see the workmanship.
One kizu in mune area.
asking $950                         inventory #4/15/3

7. Wakizashi 18 3/8 inch mumei shinto/shinshinto

Good spiny lobster koshirae with menuki and kozaka spiny lobster

Nanban iron tsuba with green ito.


Asking $1250                                      inventory # 4/15/3

8.  Katana 26 inch Kobayashi Kunimichi   1940’s

 Poor polish with gunome hamon.  Tsuka has iron kashira and brass fuchi with

Shishi menuki.  WWII shingunto tsuba and modern black lacquered saya.


Asking $525                                                                        8/16/1


9.  Wakizashi 15 inch, Bizen Kuni Yoshii Kiyonori signed and dated  1430 with
papers and new polish.  (has a folding flaw)

Asking $1750


10. Naginata with great polish but gimei signature. 

Asking $1500


11.  Wakizashi 18.6 inch signed kinju (early 1800’s)

Kikuichi Monju Kinju    菊一文珠金重

  Great hamon with toran-midare with tobiyaki and in very good polish.

Asking $1750


12. Jumonji yari, 6 7/8 inch  on pole  currently restoring pole

    Heianjo Fujiwari Morikuni


Asking $2250


13. Ken, 12 signed

Asking $1250


14. Katana mumei koto (1400’s)

Has saya and habaki.

Blade is cracked


Asking $300


15. Katana 25 1/8 inch Kanemune 1940’s

Noshu Seki ju Fukumoto Kanemune

Civialian mounts

Gunome midari hamon


Asking $750                6/16/1


16. Katana Kunihiro dated 1942

Late war mounts


Asking $650                8/16/4


16.  Efu style Tachi koshirae late Edo/Showa period

        No blade


Asking $1150

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Dear Rob


I understand but with issues I have had in the past this works.

So if  description sound interesting email me at jswords@mcn.net

and I will email some images and answer any questions.





David it would be very helpful if you could post pictures here on the site, or at least links to a imageshack or similar.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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