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WW2 smith

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An individual not near any sword clubs has sent me some photos of a sword that appears to be a WW2 made blade.


Blade is signed Bishu ju Masatsune.


A clean signature. I know very little about the WW2 smiths and don't have the Slough book. Anyone familiar with this smith or can point me to more information?

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I have Slough's reference book but no mention is made of this smith.


Anyone have any knowledge on the matter as I am looking at purchasing a blade which may well be the same one?

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The only WW2 Masatsune I could come up with right now is Amachi masatsune, however he was a Seki smith making Showato, so I don't think he is the same one.

From Dr Stein's site:


and here: http://www.swordsmanandarcher.com/Japan ... #131093978

Since yours signed Bishu, that makes me wonder if it couldn't be an earlier blade, maybe the Shinto smith MAS1672 around 1716? Or is the nakago way too new looking to be that early?

What does the hamon look like? Did he sign with the 政 Masa or the 正?




Edit to add: Also found Ikkansai Masatsune who made Gendaito. He was a Tokyo tosho called Ikegami Kazuto and is page 120 in the Gendai Toko Meikan.

http://www.nihonto.com.au/html/ikkansai ... gunto.html

http://www.samuraisword.com.au/html/ikk ... nto_8.html

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Appreciate the pointers, Brian, thanks.


Got some pics of the blade and more info.


It's signed tachi mei as above and also dated as Showa Ju Hachi Nen Hachi Gatsu Yoshi Hi (Lucky Day in August; 1943).

The kanji for Masa is your first version.

The hamon appears to be midare.





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