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Tokuno Terukatsu Fuchi

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Hi my name is Lenny I live in new Zealand.I am very interested in Japanese swords and fittings..I have a very nice Fuchi that is signed. .Tokuno Terukatsu. .I just cannot find much information on this smith.and if the Mei is correct for this smith..Any help would be great. .thank you


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More pics please. That looks like extremely high relief, and looks to have some quality.



F: Tokuno Terukatsu, Ȱmori
N: Chōsaburō
W: born in Sendai in Mutsu Province, studied
and worked in Edo
D: ca. 1800
NTS: younger brother of Kusakari Hidetomi
H 01162. Adopted son and student of Terutatsu
H 09637. Oeder catalog p. 139 #1276 illus.,
brass plate with undulating plate and rim areas
in wave pattern, carved with crashing waves
and inlaid with a flight of chidori, signed: ōmori
Terukatsu and kaō. Page 139 #1277, shibuichi
F.K. inlaid in shakudō with bamboo, signed:
Tokuno Terukatsu and kaō. V. & A. Museum
M1453—1931 kaō illegible.

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I realise you're 'down under' but that's not really a good reason to post these images upside down. I think I just put my neck out! :glee:


Judging from the style I'd say Brian's call is on the money. Pretty good Omori look to these and, despite the slightly out of focus images, I'd say fairly good quality.


I see no reason in the workmanship to think the mei is false.

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I did not want to open a new thread and preferred to "refresh" this old one to show my new purchase of a kozuka signed  ichimudo Terutatsu 一夢堂英辰

Just to mention that Terukatsu was the adopted son of Terutatsu and both where students of Terumasa.


I am quite surprised by the change of style where this kozuka does not show the usual Omori deep carvings but just a light shishiabori. 





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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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