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Researching This Sword...can You Help?

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Hi All,


I am brand new to this forum, and have signed up as it is about time I researched a sword that was given to me roughly 10 years ago. I know almost nothing about Japanese swords, so please forgive me if I ask basic/silly questions.


My brother bought the sword at auction and gave it to me as a gift as I was training in Ju Jutsu at the time. I was perhaps a little naive and didn't really consider that there might be an interesting story / history to the sword. I would like to put that right now and find out more (if there is anything to find!)


I would appreciate any information you can provide, from whether this is a genuine sword or not, to any information on the smith, the quality, age etc...



I am attaching a number of photographs which I hope will allow some of you to comment. I have had the inscription translated by a friend in Australia that speaks Japanese. I am told it reads 'Matsuda Masahiro'. A quick search online has not provided much so far.


In terms of construction, all I can really say is that the saya is lacquered wood with brass decoration. The blade is heaver than I was expecting and is magnetic (I read somwhere that this is important).


Thanks in advance guys, it really is appreciated.







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