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Gassan Sadakazu Katana


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I've fond this katana at an estate, the horimono is well carved and also the sword seem to be well forged, hamon it's a very good choji with many hataraki,

and also it seems to have also midare utsuri. The nagasa is a bit short only 64,5 with 1,8 of sori. What do you think about it?






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The nakago is signed : Osaka ju Gassan Sadakazu Kore tsukuru

                                     (August 1893) Meiji 26 year  - 8 Month - Horimono made by himself

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I think it is a Gendaito doctored. The horimono, while nice, is not at that level. Damn amateur acid polish too...when will people learn?

Nicely made, well signed. But gut feel is no.

Hope I'm wrong. Still looks like a nice sword.

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 I don't recall any earlier discussion and I hope it pans out for you, however entirely disregarding the jihada which looks uncharacteristically coarse, the yakiba that seems rather atypical, and the horimono which is not crisp, consider the mei chisel marks. Compare them with a good photograph of a known example and I think you will see in the contrast that the subject blade has marks that seem to be corrections to bring the character back into a smooth execution and in particular the strength of the hammering varies within a kanji and the space intervals between the chisel marks appear to vary. Sadakazu was a meticulous smith in all regards, but of course applications can vary blade to blade. The question is whether or not variations in all of the above are outside his parameters. For that you need a professional opinion.

 Arnold F.

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I saw this online. The auction was approximately 15 miles from my home. Your images look a lot better than the auctioneers. I think this was the highlight of someones much cherished collection which comprised of a number of showa blades and wakazashi, none exceptional but all appeared to be cared for.

Based purely on the auctioneers images I also felt the horimono was weak and the hamon a-typical, but the images were pretty poor so I could easily be wrong. I have not studied Sadakazu very much but know he was a very precise worker and his horimono were amongst the best of their time. Sorry but this one just doesnt look to have that quality.

It wouldnt be the first (nor regrettably the last) time I have been wrong but I have doubts that it is right. However there are many here who know this schools work a lot better than I do and Iwould be interested in seeing their views.



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Yes definitely not Gassan, i agree with Brian that it seems gendaito doctored. Ive seen US made blades with hamon like this. To be sure for yourself get an experienced collector to look at it it hand and they can explain what to look for etc. All the best.



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I am reasonably sure this blade was for sale by a well known UK dealer at the Birmingham Arms Fair a few years ago


Similar hamon and age and horimono


It was too cheap to be a real Gassan Sadakazu blade IMHO but too expensive to take a chance given my lack of detailed knowledge for this level so I let it go


The dealer then offered me a papered Gassan blade, although lister stating it was "one of his students"


I have wondered until now whether I made a mistake!



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