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Show Us Your High Class Gunto

lonely panet

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I wanted to share these photos. So many collect Gunto swords and so few have them properly polished. Once polished the skill of the smith, at least the better ones, is revealed. So many have hastily done "war time" polishes which along with decades of neglect or abuse, hides their beauty. 




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This is a (Kojima) KANEMICHI. This sword smiths details and history is more than admirably covered in mecox's download. This polished/papered example has no date, but the numeral "1" stamped on the tip of the nakago. 

It was more than likely a special order, with bohi on both sides.   








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Dai Nippon Gunma Ken   Tomioka Shone Dan


Gift to tomioka Boy scouts in Gunma Prefecture of imperial Japan


Kozuke Junin Ryuminsay Kanetomo



Rare prenstation Tanto long thick flawless wonderful crafted



*more interesting Gendai to inscriptions coming soon*



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The most unusual we have ever seen!!!!


A high class long Gendai Tanto, used as a mobile shrine.....


The Mon side has a memorial tablet known as "eihai".


It appears that the content was written by a Buddist monk and is virtually a chant taking elements from the monks name and temple, plus the posthumous name given to the deceased that must also include one Kanji from his real name,( in this case"tetsu").


This posthumous name is known as a "kaimyo".


The date is the death of the officer.


The other side has the rank and the real name of the dead officer, with a request, that his spirit resides in this blade.


"The swordsmith is not mentioned,but presumably it was made after the date specified,according to Mr. Han Bing Siong sand and Ogasawara san's opinion, cleary made by Hori Toshihide.



The Mon represents the dead mans familie. It is that of the Nakamura, Mizuno and Okudaira familie.......


The tablet inscriptions read as follows.:


"CHUSEIIN" (Name of the monks temple) KOYO JUNDO ( spiritual name implying the deceased was a matyr) "TETSUSHIN"

(posthumous name) "KOJI" (Buddist layman) "SENSHI" (death in action.



Showa 10 8 nen 9 gatsu 2 10 1 Hi  (21.day of the 9. month in the 18. year of showa i.e. 21.september 1943.


Rikugun (army) "SHUKEI" ( Intendance, accountant) "TAII" (1st Leutnant Kubota) "TESTSUO"( officers name) "RYU" (remain in)


"KON" (soul spirit) "TO" sword, ie. Tanto.



Army Intendance 1. Leutnant Kubota Testsuo, his spirit, soul, remain in this blade........





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Hello All,

             Here is a type 98 gunto that is different in detail from most others.

              The highlights on the fittings of this example are copper-tinted.

         The highlights along the edges of the fittings on most gunto are gold-colored.

         The fittings here are detailed by hand and  have the higher quality thick seppa.

         (Ignore the saya finish. It is re-painted) 

          I have seen 2 others with similar fittings . Both with good blades.


                                                                                                       William G.




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It is also setup for a very rare dust seal seppa but sadly the original seppa is missing. I am searching for one if anybody happens to have a spare, even a spare one from a Type 3/Rinji model may work for me.


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According to Richard Fuller


 ultra rare " first pattern Warrant Officer grade Mountings,having plain backstrap, and pierced




early pattern army kyu gunto use a sakura screw through the Hilt side ears plus a Mekugi peg,


if a hand forged blade is used...


In this case a first Gen. "Omi no kami fujiwara Tsuguhira", with TBH-Hozon, Ubu Ha and Bohi, sure a real old familie treasure....





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