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Swords For Sale........


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Back from polish in Japan:


1. Yokoyama Sukekane, shodai, shinshinto, 29 1/4", o-gunome, flawless, shirasaya, NTHK-NPO papers. $12,000US.



2. Tamahide, shodai, shinshinto, large hira-zukiri wakizashi in the Soshu style. midare-ba. Flawless, with nice koshirae, shirasaya, tsunagi. NTHK-NPO papers. $6000US.



3. Horii Hideaki (Toshihide) special order mamori-gatana (tanto), hira-zukuri, sugu-ba, mitsu-mune. Flawless, shirasaya. $3250US.



The following are in older polish:


4. Tsutsui Kiyokane, gendaito, 27 1/2", ko-Bizen copy with choji and tachi sugata. With gunto koshirae. Flawless. Polish about 95% with some light scuffs and scratches. $4000US.



5. Tsukamoto Masakazu gendaito, (Tsukamoto Okimasa's brother), in shirasaya. Choji-midare. Flawless. Polish about 95% with some light scuffs and scratches. Very rare. $3750US.



6. Yoshihara Kuniie, gendaito, shodai. In shirasaya, older NBTHK paper (signature guaranteed), sosho mei. Choji-midare with some utsuri. Flawless. Polish about 95%. $6500US.



Prices are negotiable to a point but realize these are quality, collectible swords priced at market and I have no need to give them away. Please don't waste your time and mine with ridiculous offers.


Those with a serious interest can contact me at: swords at ejapaneseswords.com (no PM's please) for further details, pictures, etc.

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