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2016 Nthk-Npo Shinsa In Tampa, Fl February 25,26,27,28 2016

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Please find the relevent info below. Let me know if you have any further questions. Also, I won't be checking messages on this site with any frequency so please contact me directly at swords@ejapaneseswords.com rather than sending any pm's...thanks.


With great pleasure I would like to announce the return of the NTHK-NPO Shinsa Team to the US. Hosted by Mr. Bill Green of the Southeast Shows and Auctions, the NTHK-NPO will be conducting a shinsa (appraisal) of Japanese sword blades and fittings on February 25-28, 2016. The team will be headed by Mr. Miyano Teiji, who told me personally while I met with him in Tokyo this past July that he would be attending, baring any relapses in his health. Miyano Sensei is one of the top sword appraisers in Japan. Miyano Sensei is getting up there in years and this may well be his last shinsa in the US.

For those unable to attend the event, we will once again offer a mail-in service.

Space is limited to please make your reservations early. Costs will be as follows:

Submission/reservation fee (mailed to me by check to hold your reservation for sword or fitting):  $100 per item

If the item passes (due at the show in CASH):  $175 per item

Mail in Service fee (sent to me with your initial registration fee): $100 per item

Please contact me at swords@ejapaneseswords.com for further information, questions, and/or reservations.


Checks should be made out to C&M Partners and sent to me at my PO box address below.

Details can be found online at:


For info on the show and to reserve a room in Tampa, please contact Mr. Bill Green at:

113A King Street, Saint Augustine FL, 32084
Office: 904.808.0662    
Mobile: 904.347.3144
Email: SouthEastShows@hotmail.com

Put it on your calendar- this one should not be missed!

Hope to see you there...


Chris Bowen
PO Box 99
Mt. Hope, WI  53816

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Just a reminder to those contemplating submitting to the NTHK-NPO Shinsa in Tampa in February to get your slot reservations in to me sooner rather than later as the pace has started to pick up as of late. Please keep in mind that it is first come, first reserved....


Looking forward to seeing many of you in Tampa....Thanks again for the support and participation.

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Another reminder that the Tampa show and NTHK-NPO Shinsa are right around the corner. Reservations are coming in at a good clip now so I would encourage anyone contemplating submitting something to the Shinsa to get your reservation made asap.


Please be advised that we are also offering a mail in service for those who wish to submit but can not attend.


We are currently making efforts to put together a display of high quality blades accompanied by a possible lecture by Miyano Teiji Sensei, the head of the NTHK-NPO and chief Shinsa judge. Bill Green has other interesting things in the works as well. Should be an excellent event!

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Let me start by thanking all of you for your past support and wish each of you and your families a very merry and joyous holiday season!

I am sending out this update regarding the February, 2016 NTHK-NPO Shinsa as both a reminder to those who still have yet to make their reservations, and to let everyone know the current status of the event.

Reservations are coming in, though there are still plenty of slots left. We are once again offering a mail in service for those unable to attend and still have openings as well for those who would like to have their items submitted in their absence. I would encourage everyone to get your reservations made sooner rather than later so you don’t get shut out in the event of a sell out.

I have spoken with Miyano Teiji Sensei, the head of the NTHK-NPO and chief shinsa judge, and he tells me he is very much looking forward to attending the Shinsa. Ohashi san, in charge of kodogu, as well, is busy preparing. The rest of team is in place and everyone is excited to be making the trip to Tampa.

We are in the process of arranging a display of high quality blades which, if all comes together, will be the focus of an informal lecture by Miyano Sensei, on Saturday evening.

Additionally, the NTHK-NPO has recently published a new book of excellent items that have passed their Yushu Shinsa over the last several years. This is the NTHK-NPO equivalent to the Juyo ranking. The name of the book is “Yushu To Zuroku”, or “Catalogue of Excellent Swords”. It has an English Table of Contents with brief info on each item, allowing for easy access to the contents, which includes several photos of each blade. The book, in a large format, contains roughly 250 pages and comes with a slip cover. The printing was limited. I have asked them to bring over 10 copies, which will be sold for $150 each on a first come, first serve basis. Those interested should reserve their copy with me asap.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Again, thank you all for your past support and my best to each of you this New Year.


Chris Bowen
PO Box 99
Mount Hope, WI  53816

NTHK-NPO 2016 Tampa Shinsa ... Reserve your space now!
For details see:


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How often do they publish?


I had a sword (kinmichi wakizashi) receive Yushuto in December and was wondering how long it would be before it is in the book


Well from memory on what i heard here and there, about 20 sword a year are granted Yushuto, given there are about 120 swords in this book (so once every 4/5 years? -5 sounds right), unless its in this one, you'll have to wait several years (if its continued). Sorry for the late reply Gordon.

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