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Japanese Sword Samurai Sword Satsuma Hirazukuri


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Japanese wakizashi Hira zukuri . The blade is very heavy and solid it is a meat cleaver..... The scabbard is made of very high quality wood with deer skin embedded in the saya... you would have a hard time finding another one like it $2500 plus shipping and paypal.

Email yitz81@yahoo.com no PM please if it sells on here a portion of sale w ill be donated to the board. Thank you 


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Hi Thomas Thank you its an excellent piece ,  it is a real monster in hand . I am gonna post the pictures you requested in a few minutes.  Just to give you guys an Idea The weight of the sword in its says is 2.39 LBS  !  The blade alone weighs 1.30 LBS !    there is some kanji  on blade I showed this sword to several people at the sword show and I got estimates of $5,500 to $6000 someone will get a bargain here.!


Stephen you are correct my friend...      Geraint , no not Kubikiri?  as mentioned HiraZukuri          John  Thank you for the correction yes it is doe hair......


Jean Overall bare blade approx 23 inches 

Nagasa approx 17 3/4 

hamachi mune machi  a tad under 1 1/2 20150609_170742_zps9utco4ya.jpg20150609_170742-2_zpslga7enzs.jpg20150609_170800_zpss3v5pdok.jpg20150609_170908_zpsextpzvwc.jpg20150609_170941_zps9jerqilx.jpg20150609_171920_zpsvd3dj7c6.jpg20150609_171926_zpsqsf9xipb.jpg20150609_172003_zpsqnrjvzg3.jpg20150609_172510_zpsbvinkp9a.jpg










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It's the dimensions/weight/strength that is being presented as unusual here, nothing to do with regular wakizashi. Need something for scale, like another regular wakizashi to see if the nakago is regular size and the blade is larger, making the nakago look small.



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