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Tsuba Bug.

Dr Fox

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Hi all tsuba fans, despite my best efforts, and exercising control, I am constantly being drawn to "just get a few tsuba's'.


The beginning of the end is nigh.


I have been offered this wakizashi tsuba. The price is not finalised, as neither of us know if it is at all of any value!


Wanting to do the right thing here, I turn to you gentlemen for a heads up on this piece.


So enough from me over to you, please.



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Hi Marius


Yes I agree, it was one of the points that caused me to hesitate. There is no richness or even tone to the tsuba. Can a better effect be achieved on the piece?


And Bruno


Does that mean common as in: a tourist piece, low grade with common mei or easily obtained and therefor cheap?


Thanks to you both. 

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Thank you Marius


I thought the improvement of a tsuba was a poss, and as to your second half of your answer, the expense has to be justified.


Alan the views you asked for, cheers.



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Hi Denis,
The tsuba is an honest Echizen Kinai of the mid to late Edo period. The carving is accurate and the subject is not so common for that school. Of course the rim has been over polished a bit an that could be considered a flaw. If you like it, take it (if the price is not an issue).
Bye, Mauro

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Thanks Mauro, good info. The opportunity to buy was made, but I have seen better for the discussion price £180 GBP.  I have since my initial questions done some research into Echizen Kinai, and from Bruno's comment, I can see that a lot of tsuba came from that area, and were of varying degrees of value.


This example is not visually so attractive, or so rare that I cannot let it pass, so I will on this occasion.


Thanks to all who kicked in their opinions, on this inquiry. 

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Thanks for the link, which shows a 10 shell tsuba, similar. And as previously mentioned, while doing some digging came across this (below), the similarities here are more marked.

Hmm!  Perhaps a small move on the price, and this might not be a bad addition after all.




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