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Nbthk Hozon Tosho Tsuba

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This one comes with an NBTHK Hozon - attribution to tosho.


A plate with no hitsu ana, the tsuba is covered in something that looks like sloppy urushi.


It is a kata size, thin tsuba:

7.8 x 7.9 x 0.2 cm at rim


I think it ian old tsuba that has deteriorated and that has been subsequently covered in some coating. I am too lazy to read the remarks of the NBTHK, but I encourage you to do it on your own. I think this might even be a ko-tosho, but who am I to disagree with the NBTHK. I treat is as a tsuba good for mounting on a nice katana koshirae


I am selling this for the price of the NBTHK paper and scrap value of the iron, that is:


$315 incl worldwide global express shipping, PayPal fees extra.


post-221-0-72437600-1432201702_thumb.jpg post-221-0-45944300-1432201707_thumb.jpg post-221-0-31542700-1432201741_thumb.jpg

post-221-0-56444900-1432201720_thumb.jpg post-221-0-55918100-1432201751_thumb.jpg post-221-0-27210100-1432201759_thumb.jpg

post-221-0-63461700-1432201764_thumb.jpg post-221-0-88115200-1432201765_thumb.jpg

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Tough bunch ;) 


This one's gotta go. Last chance - offer valid 3 days (say, until Monday midnight). A little tart with papers ;)


$215 incl shipping, PayPal extra. 

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Reuben, that neologism is entering in the "NMB's Best in show category", I am going to use it if it's copyright free :)

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