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Inventory Issues...

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Dear Members, 


I would like to ask you to assist me with filling in my inventory sheet based on the pics. I enjoy looking at this sword, it's just that I can't find certain answers. 


Blade length: 64cm

Blade width: Machi: 0.7cm Yokote: 0.4cm 

Mihaba: 3 cm 

Sori: 1.6cm


Mune: Ihori (hikushi) from the mune side, it's almost rounded but it does have an "edge". 


Probably where it becomes slightly more difficult are the following areas.


Kitea: ??? My idea is masame, any confirmation?



Boshi: ???


When I look at other examples, it seems so easy to see, is this a way of photographing?


Kissaki: chu-kissaki 

Nakago: O-suriage, mei is still visible, is it still called o-suriage?

Nakago length: 24cm

Mekugi-ana: 1

Nakago-Jiri: Kiri (ichimonji)


Yasurime: Very hard to see.


Mei: Tachi mei 


Looking forward to your comments, please be gentle, still a novice. 


Best, Ron G. 








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Kitae: don't think it is masame, but not visible in your pictures

Nakago: suriage

Boshi: perhaps O maru but due to the picture difficult to see where it stops

Hamon: based on suguha, gunome midare, seems to be nioi deki but here again need better pictures

No utsuri visible from picture and difficult to see if your sword is not in top polish

Not sure of the Koshi sori

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I'll say O maru and for the kitae perhaps masame but I'll be more confident if I could see it.

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Photos are difficult but it looks to me like the hada might be disguised by small scatches.

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