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Help Please With Sennin Tsuba And Its Mei

Mark Andrews

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Hi guys,


I bought this tsuba recently with a lower offer . It came with a dealers NTKK ( not from NBTHK ) which I have not had before. On the listing, it showed maker was named Shushi Saku ?.


I think it maybe Kaneharu saku. Can anyone help with maker's name please, is the latter correct ? I have tried Kanji pages and others with a small amount of luck only.


2 pics are included and my other reference tsuba from Toledo museum made by Kaneharu late edo.


Many Thanks,





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Hi John, Thank you....I checked the Kanji you just given. http://tangorin.com  周始 And it shows up as SHU SHI, back to square 1...


I am not sure with Chikamoto I will study further. Edit.. just checked and I can not find Chikamoto listed with that kanji. Not on that site anyway.


Edit... John, I have the information. You are correct with your observation thank you. Tsuba is Chikamoto. SHU SHI is wrong on my part and the seller of the Tsuba.


Today I had some luck with given name and family name coming together as Kaneharu, but I am probably barking up the wrong tree. 


Many thanks,



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Hi John,


for your interest and others a picture of another tsuba that a member has listed on the NMB 2013. Which I have just found ( Hope is allowed & OK to show the pic ) It is in much better condition than my tsuba. Again John, thank you for putting me on the right track.



Edit....listed in Haynes’ Index as Inazu Chikamoto (H 00265.0)




Kind regards,




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