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Jairo Araujo

Help In Translation Gunto Katana

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hello everyone


I'm posting photos of a katana I bought at the flea market in Paris, France. the seller did not know how to tell me when was signing.


if anyone could help me it would be great.


the paper label on leather sheath is coming from Osaka.


after some searching i found:


"Yokohama daizen xxx Yasuko"


But i dont know if is correct and i dont know nothing about others kanjis




Jairo Silva





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i think the correctly are:


"Yokoyama daizen xxx Yasushiko"



横山 - can be "Katsutoshi, Yokoyama, Mizushi and Yohayama" i think is a surname,

大膳 - can be "Taizen, Daizen or Oozen" i think is a proper name,

Kanji X - i dont find this caracter,

康 - can meaning "Surname",

子 - can meaning "child",

子 - can meaning a proper name "Yasushiko, Sadako, Yasuko, hideko, Michiko and Kouko" but all names ending in KO (子) are female names, like Tomiko, Akiko etc.


but i dont found any thing, only link index,



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Gday Jairo, I'd be looking closely at the lines of the mei, and look at plenty of others in the translation area. Yours looks very smooth to me(may just be photo quality). If you look at others, you can see individual chisel marks within the lines, whereas yours look to be single flowing lines(very noticable in the character you can't identify)


Hopefully somebody with more than 2 weeks experience at this will come along and tell me I'm a fool(but be nice about it:) but I would say yours was done with a dremel, which would make it a chinese knock off.... The koshirae looks good though. So maybe a chinese blade in gunto koshirae.


Like I said, hopefully I'm way off target.


Can't help you with the translation, sorry


Matt B

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I was also hesitant about the mei. It doesn't look terrible, but doesn't look good either. Something about it made me thing engraved and not carved. But there are hooks to the strokes, so it would be a good Dremel job. But I think it is fishy. Need more pics in different light maybe.



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thanks for your coments


I inadvertently cleaned with oil and sandpaper the nakago when i clean the sword, now i understand I can not do this but old katanas dont bring "instructions manual"

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