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David McDonald

Swords For Sale

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Dear All


Raising money for summer college tuition for my two kids.  So see

below some items for sale.


If you are interestede please email -- jswords@mcn.net

and I can send images.



david mcdonald  jswords@mcn.net



For Sale 1th  May  2015

1. Naginata, 20.6 inch,  Kunitsugu, shinto, 越前大藤原国次

                Great sword in full polish with NBTHK papers,  with two piece gold foil habaki and shirasaya.

This naginata has the vary rare graceful shape of naginata with shobu-zukuri kissaki.

Active chu-suguha hotsure in Yamashira tradition with itame to o-itame to mokume hada


Kunitsugu worked in Yamashiro around 1648 and is listed as a chujo saku smith in Fujishiro’s book.  With letter from Michihiro Tanobe that both the signature and papers are real.  In the letter he states the Kunitsugu mei is a very fine specimen.


Asking $4250  inventory 4/13/7


2.  Ito-no-maki Tachi, with  22.5 inch blade, Bishu Osafune Sukemitsu,

eisho (1504) hachi nen (1511) ni gatsu hi

                Nice blade but has some wari on one side. 

Mounts has very dark Shakudo fittings finely cut with Mons of Cho (butterfly) and Kikyo (Chinese Bellflower)n the same mons are on the saya.  New ito in gold brown in hira-maki style with tachi sageo tied on the saya. Nice long dragon menuki.


Asking $4750 inventory 4/14/a



3.  Ito-no-maki Tachi, with 26.3 inch blade, (showa stamp) Noshu Seki ju Toki Sukenobu saku

                The blade is in fair polish with gunome hamon. 

Mounts are WWII period tachi mounts with new gold brown ito with brown lacquered saya.

The tachi sageo is tied on the saya.  Tsuka with dragon menuki.


Asking $3500 inventory 3/13/1


4.  Katana, 25 15/16 inch Nagamitsu

                Blade is in very good polish with a suguha hamon with tops of choji and other

                activity showing. Very nice itame hada.

                Two kanji mei – Nagamitsu (I think Ichihara Nagamitsu)

                Great late war mounts (type 3 or 1944 pattern) army officer mounts.

                Black lacquered saya with  katate maki style tsuka-maki with lacquered ito.


Asking $2250 inventory 4/15/1


5.  Wakizashi,  20 15/16 inch, Kashu ju Fujiwara Nagatsugu, shinto

                Sanbonji hamon in nie with other activity with itame hada, wari

                Blade as some ware, nice shkudo habaki. Shinogi-zukuri

                Black lacquered saya with black ito in tsumami-maki style

                Fuchi/kashira  flowers and fruit and menuki also flowers and leaves.


                1st generation worked 1652-1655

                2nd generation worked 1684-1688

Asking $750 inventory 6/14/1


6.  Wakizashi, 15 inch, Fujiwara Yukinaga,

                Suguha hamon with wari, out of polish, shobu-zukuri

                Green/blue ito in tsumami maki style

                Black saya


Asking $625 inventory 6/14/2


7.  Wakizashi – Otanto, 14 1/8 inch, Mumei,

                Nice coooler mounts with cherry blossoms

                And black saya.

                Blade is koto out of polish and the hamon is

                Hard to see.


Asking $750 inventory 8/2/14


8. Jumonji yari on pole 

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I know the naginata, very good deal! Ubu, rare sugata and a good length for a shinto naginata.

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Dear Brian


Sorry about that


Jumonji yari, 6 7/8 inch  on pole  currently restoring pole

    Heianjo Fujiwari Morikuni


Asking $2250




Price on the jumonji yari? Lots of fans here.



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