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Looking For Members Who Live In Nc And Surrounding Areas

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I have had a few inquiries from people on this board who have showed interest in having some type of club and education. I am starting very broad as some of us are able or willing to travel. The primary goal is to gauge interest through either PM or here on who can or is at least willing to entertain group Nihonto education. I myself live 1 hr from Charlotte and had hoped there would be a few collectors all within that 1 hour range on either side. I know that means we should be able to get SC and TN involved right in this region. Farther north can incorporate Virginia quite easily. In Charlotte we have a bonsai club which has been ver successful and started as a need to get people of like minds together. We fly in people from all over the world and mastery to teach us skills and techniques and provide critiques. Where there is a need and a desire, growth can occur.


If I can get enough interest this group would either have monthly or quarterly meetings that would focus on education. I would like to quarterly or Bi-annually have a guest speaker who will educate and entertain. We have many great minds in the Nihonto world and many right here who would be happy to accommodate an appearance. 


I see a need, and I know many of us have a desire. Please if you are within 100 miles of NC (or farther if you want to drive or coordinate a closer club) please Respond here or PM me and I will be willing to help get something pulled together.


Thank you and be proud to want to learn or teach. All skill levels welcome and we look forward to seeing you.

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thank you jim for posting here. I am collecting names and believe we have at least 6 that ae serious so far. Markus Sesko has volunteered to teach and lead some educational workshops and I am currently trying to coordinate with him. Having Markus is an amazing opportunity to grow and learn in our pursuit of Nihonto knowledge. 


Currently the thought is quarterly meetings and hopefully some sort of militaria or show affiliations. There is room to grow built in and as the word spreads we may get member increases allowing us to do monthly or every other month meetings.


Please post here if you are interested so i can be sure I have not missed you and I have the opportunity to gather your input and information. When we nail down some dates I will work on an email newsletter of sorts or flyer. 


Thank you for expressing your interest and posting here.

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On 11/29/2020 at 9:16 PM, Medina San1 said:

Did you get this club going? Greenville SC.



On 2/9/2021 at 9:49 AM, Apercus said:

I might drive from Alabama quarterly to hear Markus. Let me know if this develops. 

Shannon Hogg



I don't think this materialized as the dates were back in 2015. As mentioned before, I am located in Charleston, SC. Nothing says we can't arrange something on our own. Columbia is midway between Charleston and Greenville, SC. Shannon, you are welcome to join as well. I know an avid collector in Myrtle Beach who would probably attend. Maybe we could all agree to meet somewhere for display of what we have, buy, sell, trade, discuss, etc.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Let's get something going.

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