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Jizai Onimono Maker's Name/history....

ken kata

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Hello forum... :)


I am trying to learn about Jizai Onimono and their makers.

This is the Breast Plate of the "Crayfish" art piece I bought.


May I please ask, can you help me with the name translation and who he was or family history?


I have been searching the internet, but, there is only a few sites, and, most are about Onimono Auctions/for sale sites.

 Is there any sites that are dedicated to Jizai Onimono art work and enthusiast?


I did not know where else to ask.


Thanks for viewing..

Alton Takata  :)  - aka Ken Katana on the weekends








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Thank you Morita-san. :)

My ignorance..

I don't know how I miss named it.. :(

You're right..

I did see another one, and it was called "Ebi"..


I'd hope to learn and use the proper terms and names.

Thanks for the correction on both errors..



Alton :)

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Hi Alton,


There are two nice books on Jizai Okimono, see links and video (Click on the picture).

(first one is in English and Japanese, second one only in Japanese)


Link 1 to video




Link 2 to video




I don't know of specific websites, but with this search, you will get some more pictures




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Hello Jo,

Amazing.. I was researching Muniyuki Myochin the other week, and, it lead me to your website.

There, I saw the photo of you, Mr. Myochin and Mr. Fujimoto.

And now, here I am conversing with you. How amazing is that..


There, I also sadly learned, about Mr. Myochin's passing.. :(



I just bought another "ebi". This one is made by Mr. Myochin..

And, I am very proud to have one of his works..


Thanks for posting, and, congrats on your exciting work and dedication to Japanese Armor.


Alton Takata :)

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Brian, Alton,


Thank you for your kind words.


Concerning Myochin Muneyuki. Ishida Kenji made a book 'in dialog' with him. Ishida san also wrote a book on Myochin. See both below.

(if you click on a picture a movie should appear if all goes well ...)






There were also some nice pieces in the Lundgren collection. See below






I know that some of the people in the katchu section here or at Dave's place also are into jizai okimono... so maybe they will add to the discussion...



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