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Florida Token Kai Newsletter - Back Issues For Sale

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I have about 15 years worth of Florida Token Kai Newsletters available, all in excellent condition.



Starting with # 17 (9/94) through #31 (3/99), continuing with #32 (6/00) through #53 (9/05), then #57 (9/06) to #66 (12/08), and #69 (9/09). There are 15 issues in the old format, and 32 issues in the new green softbound version which contain reprints of the Token Bijutsu English edition, published by the NBTHK (Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Art Sword and The National Sword Museum in Tokyo). Out of the 40 reprints that the Florida Token Kai printed, I have 32 available. Each issue has fold out full length oshigata of great swords and pictures of great kodogu, oshigata and articles on important swords and fittings from all periods, and much more.



In addition to the 47 newsletters, I will include Swords of the Florida Token Kai - An Exhibition, which was a limited edition of 500 soft-cover books produced for the Feb 13, 1999 Sword Show in Tampa.



I'm offering the above collection for $195, plus shipping. 


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.





Mike Axelrod




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