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Sending Swords To China?

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Not sure where to ask this but has anyone sold and shipped a sword to China? I had someone contact me and asked if I would ship to Bejing. My understanding is that Japanese swords can not be imported to China. Anyone have any experience/knowledge of the situation?

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I would be extremely cautious chris. although many state no issues ! I can not say the same. Laws are vague at best, customs has there own opinion of laws. left hand don't know what the right is doing... you get my drift..  if you do ship  make sure its priority mail, tracking,insured,signature.. and even with that there are no guarantees. I've had packages with the labels deliberately scratched off or rubbed so it can be deemed undeliverable as addressed then filed on a shelf for someone decades down the road to discover. I personally will not deal with china. Even with my personal EIAP number  makes no difference.... good luck.

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Chinese law doesn't allow the import of any type of weapons by individuals, including edged weapons of any origin or time period, with the exception of antique Chinese items. Some collectors smuggle swords in through Hongkong. Customs used to be somewhat lax on the matter, but not anymore. Aoi Art, for instance, dealt with mainland China, but stopped doing so. The International Post Office at Jianguomen in Beijing is one of the strictest.

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As far as I know, it is illegal and 'cannot' be done.

I use the quotes because in China it seems not to hard to buy your way around the law.

I've heard that it is possible but it is against the written laws, which I seem to recall posting somewhere in here before.


It is legal to ship to Hong Kong, then tell your buyer he has to make his own cross border arrangements.

At present, there is a big local outcry regarding blatant goods smuggling through the Sheung Shui border crossing so it would be very easy to do but probably not the wisest course of action.

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