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Lee Bray

Pair of Shakudo tsuba

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Offered for sale are two tsuba in shakudo.

Offering them as a pair because with a little work, they could make a reasonable daisho.

I would not normally recommend 'a little work' to tsuba but these could use the help of Ford Hallam or one of his chaps.


The larger one is 76mm tall x 74mm wide, with a nakago ana of 27mm and a thickness of 4mm.

The patina looks to have been cleaned at some point and is rather weak at present.


The smaller one is 68mm tall x 66mm wide, with a nakago ana of 25.5mm and a thickness of 4mm.

The patina on this one looks a little better but, unfortunately, the ura looks to have been given an amateur texture. It looks as though it was done to 'hide' some slight surface damage.

This tsuba has silver linings on both hitsuana and lead sekigane.


Both tsuba are very similar, with two hitsuana, same shape mimi and matching grades of shakudo(based on patina colour).

If the ura of the smaller tsuba was refinished, the larger tsuba had silver linings fitted to the hitsuana and both had a new patina, they would make a very nice daisho.


Price is US$150 each, or, since it's Christmas, US$300 for the pair. ;)

Plus payment fees and shipping.

Hi res pics here - https://picasaweb.google.com/1083860067 ... akudoTsuba


Larger tsuba.




Smaller tsuba.



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