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Honjo Masamune found!! (well almost... maybe)

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  • 4 months later...

This morning in the shower, I realized something.


There's a fact, which we have all been forgetting. This fact is something we all know to be a fact. Yet somehow in all of this, we did not think of it. 


Have you ever spoken to a soldier who is in uniform whilst he was on-duty performing some task, while you yourself were a civilian or a higher-ranking officer? 


If so, then, you will undoubtedly know that, without fail, every statement out of his mouth will be finished with the word, "sir," or "ma'am."


What's your name?


"Coley Davis, ma'am."


コリー  = Coley

ディバイ, = Davi(s)

モ. = Mo(m)


Coley could also be short for Malcolm, so I'm tossing you a Malcolm also. 


These guys were both Cavalry, not sure if 7th though. 


Good luck.



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And since we’re here with theories, one crossed my mind after your post (and, no, I wasn’t under the shower :) ). 

we always asume Coldy Bimore to be first name + name, but was if it had been recorded the Japanese way? Name + first name?


Coldy would then become the name and bimore the first name. What "real" name that could correspond to, I’ll leave you guys elaborate, but I wonder if people have searched that way (given treasure hunters, I guess they probably have).

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Check out the Katana in this video: 


This koshirae reminds me of some of the descriptions given previously in this thread of the Honjo Masamune. Not that I think this is the Honjo, but maybe it gives an idea of what level of sword we are looking for. 


Of course if I was the owner of such a sword, there's no way I'd turn it in to the police in such a Koshirae. I would put it in the plain wooden holder with my name on it. I doubt if the Honjo is out there, it also has the same Koshirae as the descriptions. 


Anyway, does anyone know what sword this is, that they are showing here? 

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21 hours ago, Wah said:

There was an exhibition a while ago. The actual Koshirae of HM was displayed. 



Stephen T.


Thanks Wah.


Does this mean that when they turned it in to the police, it was not in the koshirae pictured here and described by in text by earlier posts? 


Thanks for the info. Just curious about this interesting mystery.

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On 10/25/2014 at 4:09 PM, Randy McCall said:



Just read through all this fascinating thread didn't know about the existence of these swords, couple of questions on the line drawings of swords why do they only have a passing resemblance to the actual blade? they look completely different in photos I assume that there are no photos of this sword in existence.

As the sword was unsigned is it possible that it was taken apart by the unknown soldier or another, had a gimme Mei put on to in theory increase its value and reassembled with another not so flamboyant set of fittings from another sword [mix and match] so as to make 2 swords one with a better blade the other with better fittings to increase the sale value of them or he my have not liked the fittings and swapped them accordingly, sorry if I sound a bit stupid on this subject.


On the soldier is it possible that he was not American but was only attached to them sure plenty of soldiers were around at this time ,could have been a British soldier  Sgt Cody William Moore ,William is always shortened to bill.


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On 13 January 2019, "TheMaskedBoi" posted a picture and asked the possible translation of the inscription on the sword he had purchased at the time, which was 正方太平一夫. As "TheMaskedBoi" did not post more pictures after several requests, "Guido" provided a witty translation on 14 January, based on what he had seen, that the text meant "made in China".

Recently I have come across a sword which has exactly the same appearance as presented by "TheMaskedBoi". I myself do not think it is a blade of great value, but for a more accurate assessment, and to bring the subject to a more reassuring conclusion, I am attaching more pictures of the sword. The nagasa size of the blade is 70 cm.


I would also be interested in a correct translation of the inscription. As a point of interest, I note that the online translators Google Translate and Amazon Translate that I tried give different results from "SteveM's" translation, and the translator DeepL refused to accept it as Japanese text, but interpreted it as Chinese (also with a different result).








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just a few things so you can avoid a purchase of this kind:

- no Damascus steel in genuine Japanese blades
- rarely inscriptions on the blade itself, and if, they are not upside-down as in this one
- no cast mountings, and they are not loose and rattling
- usually there are SEPPA (= shims) betrween the TSUBA and the HABAKI as well as between TSUBA and TSUKA (= handle) 
- the KISSAKI (tip) usually has a YOKOTE (read terms in the web)

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Thank you for your comments so far.

In fact, I would like to use this nihonto imitation to investigate how AI deep learning techniques could be used to help distinguish between pieces of traditional Japanese sword making from other imitations.

Perhaps this topic should be started in a new topic.

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there are some traditional learning techniques to distinguish good from bad: Reading good books, reading here in the NMB forum, and looking at genuine blades for comparison. It only takes a lifetime to become an expert.....:glee:

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