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Recent discussions on the lack of English info on the Japanese matchlock has made me decide to create this new section for those with an interest in this subject. The Japanese matchlock is a subject intertwined with the Samurai, their swords, armour and related items, so it is only fitting that we address this subject. Hopefully we can increase the knowledge of this fascinating item. Many swords were made by melting down old matchlock barrels, and these guns had smiths creating them just like armour and swords. So there is no doubt that the subject is one closely related to Nihonto and ancient Japan.

I would welcome the participation of all current enthusiasts, and hopefully we will hear from collectors and enthusiasts, who will post their pics and provide what info they have.

I am aware of the excellent section on these items on the Nihon-No-Katchu forum, and it is not my intention to draw anything away from that great resource, but more to enhance the knowledge already out there and find more enthusiasts.


Lastly, I am not sure which of the words for these matchlocks is the correct one, so have used all 3 that I am aware of in the heading of this section. I am happy to be corrected if necessary.


So with that said....have it at folks. Hopefully out hosts here will include Ron, Piers, Ian, Justin, Eric and others.

I will be moving current matchlock discussions here as I find them. Links to older discussions on the NMB can be pm'ed to me and I will move them here.



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A fascinating subject, agree with all the sentiments that gave rise to your decision to include Brian. The most recent postings on this very subject, created an interest in not only the historical samurai connections, but also the mechanical workings of these important items.

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