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Special Order Shingunto Koshirae


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I recently aquired an Amahide gendaito in Rare special order shingunto koshirae. Thought that the gunto collecors might appreciate a look. The metal fittings all have a blackend silver tone finish and the tsuaito is also black. The sword is near mint condition......

Ohumara san has an Ikkansai Kunimori with similar metal fittings on his website however it has white ito and red saya.

Kind Regards






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I once had a gunto by Ishido Teruhide of Tokyo. It had Type 98 fittings like yours, silver plated (or blackened?) not sure if it was tarnished silver plate or a blackened plating. Ito was a deep dark green and the Kabuto gane had a mon of two arrows with the "U" " arrowheads on them, in a circle.

Saya was a deep reddish brown.

I think Ohmura sensei shows some variations on these fittings .


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I have a custom koshire like that where all the numbers match on the parts and it was custom made for an old family blade. It apparently had a yellow and red tassle on it which was sold separately to someone interested in it before I acquired it. It has 3 dents which look repairable and minor paint loss. I have no idea about the value of the koshire I only know about the katana inside.

I was wondering approximately what a koshire like that or this one would be worth or what anyone has paid for one. It is part of me doing my insurance upgrade for all of my additional swords as well as if I ever sell or trade it.


Trent Spencer

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