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The Fuchi/Kashira Orphanage


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Hi guys,

Here is a rare catch :) 

Araki Tomei legendary millet heads.


Ginshotei Tomei Kao

吟枩亭東明 (花押)







Looking for a kashira or ready to sell. Needs a good clean-up.


Link to Darcy’s reference set, sold a while back for, I don’t remember, either $$$$ or $$$$$ :)




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Hello Brandon,

I'm considering a Shakudo (maybe iron) fuchi kashira set in nanako pattern, similar to the set you have shown on the right. Maybe something a little fancier with boarders? Or silver inlay grasses or orchids.

Anyway, just throwing it out there in case you have a lead for me to follow, would greatly appreciate it.



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