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The Menuki Orphanage


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Some orphans pulled from a cha-donsu. Most were good old menuki (these 18 all are) and included a few pairs and a few more near-enough marriages. All have solder evidence on the back, otherwise good and presentable condition. Will post some more singles later.


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In response to need for a back view of the middle six, above, added earlier on 4/24. We will add back views by set upon inquiry of a particular menuki. The question is whether the fish is a menuki or clasp ornament. Good size and proportion for a menuki but, as noted in reply to inquiry, the fish is a bit on the thin side (doesn't appear to be stamped) and no center post on the back of the fish. As noted earlier, these pulls from a cha-donsu have solder evidence on the backs.


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Here is the front and back of the first group of six which was out of focus in our first posting in this thread on the 24th.


It is followed by front and back of a final group (which includes a square soft metal ornament likely other than a menuki.)


I will have all of the menuki picture here (and more items) at the Chicago show for first hand inspection.






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The small shakudo tiger in the second group, first frame posted on the 24th is sold.

It would seem the single shakudo tiger menuki remains available. Payment never received and "buyer" (apparently newer and not active) not responsive.

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I have been asked about availability of a 'rat and kabuto' menuki but have not received a response to my reply so am hoping to reach the interested party here. As we do not have a menuki with both rat and kabuto, we are including pictures of a rat menuki, a kabuto menuki, and one of Daikoku with rice bales (upper-right and perhaps mistaken for a kabuto with rats - I can see how that might happen.)



The single rat would be $40 (nice, black surface on copper-rich alloy with some fine work suggesting hair).


The kabuto would be $45 (good, old black patina with some inlay and traces of gilt overlay - may be easier to pair with another, accoutrement menuki).


The Daikoku with rice bales and rats would be $50 (the back actually suggests decent, old patina on copper-rich alloy and the face with gold overlay).


[these prices include free USPS 'Small Flat Rate Box' shipping within the United States]


See our earlier pictures which also include the backs of these three. Recall that these were pulled from a chadonsu and therefore have solder traces on the backs. Not having previously included prices in our posts to the 'menuki orphanage', we will extend this exercise if there is interest.



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Thanks Guys (Frank & Chris) - I know its a long shot to find a good match for this Dragon Boat, but a few years ago I found THE missing Kashira for a Fuchi that I had been holding for more than 30 years (exact match - must have been the original set).

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I'm surprised that no one wanted any of these. If the bottom one is avaliable I would like it.

Sure! They're in really good shape, the Dragon is actually pretty detailed.


The bottom ones look like creatures with horns and are tanto sized. Message me and I'll send you better pics.

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