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Legit Tsuba?

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Hi guys,


I am somewhat new to collecting and wanted to get your thoughts on this tsuba?


signed Umetada... Do you think it is a cast copy or genuine?


I am interested in hearing the rationale behind your votes.


Thanks for the guidance!



Adam D.


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Thanks, Thierry!


Can you elaborate as to what leads you to that judgment? I am trying to learn to discern.


What first made me suspicious was the mei. It doesn't seem as crisp as it should.


I would appreciate what things you spotted.



Adam D.

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hint1: what metal (alloy) is it made of? Is that iron? copper? brass? or rather something else? look at the pores in the metal

hint2: can you see how the gilding was done? Do you see the splatters? Does that look like good workmanship to you?

hint3: carving: are those flowers really carved?


advice: look at some real tsuba, buy some books. You'll get the hang of it very quickly :)

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All the surfaces of this thing are slightly concave. This indicates that it was cast. As the metal (whatever it might be) cooled , it drew in. Look at all the surfaces. They are all slightly concave. Clear indication of casting

Oh, I should also say that it looks like crap, too.


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