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Help please with Kanji on Tsuba box lid

Mark Andrews

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Are we perhaps, as a group, rather too hasty to label a tsuba as ‘cast’ from a single, not very good photographic image? I, personally, would like to see some better images, together with a translation of the mei and the hakogaki before casting a stone.


John L.

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Hello Grey/David/Brian & John.


Thank you guys for your input. I bought the tsuba? because of the theme of Edo tiger and dragon. I think Brian, maybe on the right track with regards it being just a keep sake or gift. I will place other pics on when I get my camera back which is on loan at present. I would still like to know the kanji meaning though on the lid. If anyone else can read the kanji it would be appreciated thank you. All the best.....





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Don't quote me:


Rough read: "Kazukazu" or "Ichikazu" ?

Actual: I forget how it is rendered as an artists name.


I've run across it before as the gimei signature on an otherwise beautiful tsuba in a museum. Gave me quite the challenge at the time to track it down.

From *distant* memory, fellow is recognized enough that I had examples of shoshin on file somewere. Maybe Wakayama. Maybe Baur.

Late late edo maker.


Given the lack of precision in the signature, I'd go along with you all that have deigned it a souvenir or poker token piece.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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