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Interesting Tsuba


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Hi Jon.


Not unique but certainly unusual.

The picture below is one I own, with a vine design in gold inlay on the sides.

I'm unsure what the shape is called, I've got it somewhere but can't find it at present. I think it is Tate Kaku Gata with uchikaeshi rim, but that's not certain.

Probably mid Edo, maybe a little earlier.

I've seen one similar on Ed Marshall's site a long while back but it's not there anymore.

Can't see the details of the mon on yours but the pattern is commonly known as 'key fret' and more properly known as Raimon, which depicts lightning bolts(thanks to Rich T - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=489&hilit=key+fret+design).



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a friend is collecting them...

he does refer them to Nade-Mokko and has got already several of these in his collection.

some are certified by NBTHK to Bishu(Owari)...others to Shoami

the depiction is Mount Fuji in his eyes-some do bear inlaid zogan,others show an mokume texture,again others do bear Tenpo-style stamps or even mon on the Tsubas ji...

I do find them somehow bolt,do but guess they are not that uncommon at all...

I have seen several already,and like written here,together with those mine friend has got in his collection already,they seem not to be that rare.

Maybe one of these latter Edo-Owari branches?

(at least they were popular-otherwise not so much had survived the passed years)



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Thanks for the honest comments. I appreciate them. I like it just because it appeals to my pragmatic nature, while not being as common as what one would normally find.


I am surprised they attribute these to a School. I thought it was a smith's, or armorer's tsuba.

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A nice tsuba Jon. I like the thickness, the hammered over edge and the pattern around the mimi. I once saw a similar katchushi guard on Tsuruta's site, however it was larger. I emailed him immediately however it was already gone. I've been on the hunt for one ever since.

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Have owned one of these. Initially, the thought was the shape resembled Mt. Fuji. Later, it looked like the wings of a dragon fly. Somewhere along the line, one was found clearly being a dragonfly, eyes and all. The one I had also had brass inlay on the edge. Rather interesting tsuba, actually. Ron STL

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as already stated and equally agreed by Mariusz here...

i can not find anything special or good on these...

the iron is in most cases medicore-going even into rather bad(from sight of an metallurgical collector like myself)

(in case(s) an maybe reason why some latter got overworked with zogan?)

the shape of nade-mokko is equally not uncommon-especially in latter Edo times...

attached one Tsuba of mine personal collection in very certainly much more interesting execution,quality and historical significance,dating much earlier than the above shown pieces...other school,other time...

those who know it already certainly remember it´s discussion about...

such speaking,you see-nade mokko shape is equally not that outstanding...




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