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Confirmed orders for "The Index of Japanese Swordsmiths"

Would you be interested in a confirmed purchase of the 2 volume: Index of Japanese Swordsmiths?  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you be interested in a confirmed purchase of the 2 volume: Index of Japanese Swordsmiths?

    • Yes, I would be willing to purchase a copy of the high quality, hard bound, offset printed books at $100 plus shipping.
    • Yes, I would be willing to purchase 2 copies of the high quality, hard bound offset printed books at $100 plus shipping.
    • Yes, I would be willing to purchase 3 copies of the high quality, hard bound offset printed books at $100 plus shipping.
    • Yes, I would be willing to purchase 5 copies of the high quality, hard bound offset printed books at $100 plus shipping.
    • Yes, I would be willing to purchase 10 copies of the high quality, hard bound offset printed books at $100 plus shipping.
    • No thank you, I am happy to purchase the current versions available or already own this set.

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This poll refers to the topic discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=15495

Please read the entire thread to get an idea of what is being asked here, and why.

The books are improved prints of these:

http://www.lulu.com/shop/markus-sesko/i ... 53489.html

http://www.lulu.com/shop/markus-sesko/i ... 53496.html

The poll is to determine confirmed interest in a new printing of Markus Sesko's 2 volume set "The Index of Japanese Swordsmiths" to improve on the quality and offer a high class hard-bound version at a good price, with proceeds going to the author.

The aim is to get 100 copies reserved. Please select how many copies you would be willing to purchase at an estimated price of $100 plus shipping per set of 2 books.


$100 plus shipping per set would leave 50 sets over. If we can get a book seller in the USA to handle the money, storage and shipping, then the balance of the 50 books could be sold for $5000. $2500 of that to go to Markus, $1500 for the facilitator/book dealer as his commission for handling all of them, and maybe $1000 for the forum. But this would come from the after-sale of the extra 50 books. Comments on this idea? That should be enough commission for someone in the US to handle the shipping and storage.



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I had no problem casting my vote for 2 copies using the dubious internet found in the nice greek island called Chios :lol:


Btw, I was under the impression that the offer that Brian got from the US ammounted to $85 per copy including Markus' royalties. Did it went up to the original $100 per copy while I was working my way trough most of Greece? :D

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I know that post Brian, but I see that we're voting here for $100+shippin per set.

The relevant part was this one:

I have a quote within the USA for roughly $8500 for 150 sets, which is more than needed. But at about $55 per set, plus Markus' commission, that isn't bad. Or even $85 per set plus Markus' royalty..leaving 50 sets of books for sale later that are paid for.

50 or more copies would always sell at sword shows afterwards, I have no doubt. But they would need to be shipped to a book seller maybe, who can distribute for a fee.


However there were some more messages that pretty much gave the impression that the final price will be 85$ plus shipping.


If this were a meeting I would move "to purchase 150 copies for $8500 + 4500 for Markus leading to a total of $13000 for 150 copies or a little over$85 per copy."



There were at least 3 people who agreed with Barry right after this post.





No problem if it got up to 100$/set, but if not you may want to edit this poll and put 85$/set. Someone who wants to buy 4 sets at $100 may change his vote to 5 sets and so on :)

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You are not going to sell 150 sets now. That is pretty obvious.

So my intention is to push for selling them about $100 plus shipping with a small royalty for Markus..and leaving the other 50 copies to be sold and there covering the main royalties, seller fees etc.

Not cast in stone, but it's not rocket science either.



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Hi guys,

I've given thought to being the US book dealer to make this happen. I've experience selling and shipping books, and my website would work well for listing the unsold copies. Also, you all might think I'm trustworthy. However, the task seems huge.

For everyone who places an order, emails with totals for books, postage, & insurance will have to be sent. Some countries don't allow insurance on priority post (U.K. for example) and orderers there might want private insurance arranged. I can see multiple emails being necessary on some orders. Payments will come in by a variety of methods: paypal, bank wire transfer, checks, whatever. Does someone paying with paypal pay 4% more than someone paying with a check? Meticulous records will have to be kept.

150 copies of the book will weigh at least 600 pounds (250 Kg or so). Getting the books to the US distributer won't be cheap. Packing and shipping 100 copies, with paperwork for oversea customers, also is a bunch of work.

And then we have the 50 unsold copies. I know from my website experience that finding more than 5 customers for a book, no matter how good and/or reasonably priced, isn't easy. How can we expect to sell 50 copies after everyone remotely interested has already picked up a copy for himself and extras for friends or to sell?

Not trying to kill the project; I've already put in for 2 copies and I want this to work. But I think we need to think this through before we jump. I hope someone proves me wrong but at the moment I can't see anyone competent to do the job being willing to volunteer to be the US based distributer. I think we need a business close to the printer who will store the books, take orders, and ship.

BTW, I'm traveling for the next 3 days and will have only occasional computer access. Grey

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I would be willing to handle shipping within Canada. If The books were sent to me, I would then package them and send them to the Canadian purchasers. If others, in other countries, did the same we would only have to ship to one person in a country or group of countires. I agree that there would be a lot of emails. Perhaps one person e.g. Markus could receive the money and direct the distribution to country representatives. Let's hypothesize that shipping is $20. If everyone pays that the extra can be given to Markus or Messageboard or even returned to the purchaser.

It seems as if Grey has volunteered for the U.S.A. and I have for Canada. We need someone for Europe (or countries in Europe) and other places.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I have a club meeting where I will present the book plus shipping to my membership and ask for people to commit to purchase.

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I think Grey un-volunteered to do the job :D

Yes..it is a lot of work. I am going to see if we can find a distribution network that does this. The printers will only ship in bulk to one person. So there is still a need for one person to receive them and distribute. Whether to everyone, or a network of people...that is still a lot of work. And the USA and Europe are going to be the main market here...USA especially.

Better if we find a company that gets paid to send them to the end users.

I forsee one person accepting all the funds, and then distributing it where it needs to go. We should standardize on Paypal, and accept that there will be a 4% fee.

But there is a lot to sort out. I have been working on some of it, but we don't even have the initial 100 copies sold yet. And we need to be fairly sure the other 50 will sell.



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Thanks Brian; that's correct. I initially volunteered to ship some books in the US; I unvolunteered to do the job once all the extra was piled on top.

I think the 50 unsold copies will be a problem; it could be years before they sell out and I'm not sure a distributor will want to wait that long to see them disappear. One possible solution is to give them an ISBN # and list them on Amazon. Maybe we need to look for a company that will store, ship, and list on Amazon.


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