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Preliminary announcement: New kantei book


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Dear members, I would like to annouce a new book of mine which

will be out around mid or late December this year. This project is

a compilation of ALL kantei blades (i.e. the "real" kantei at the beginning

and the five swords described in the middle part) plus their descriptions

of the Token-Bijutsu magazines from 2006 to 2012.


The publication will be divided up into a "Koto-kantei" and a "Shinto-Shinshinto-kantei"

volume and provides altogether more than 350! blades, namely as mentioned PLUS the

oshigata of the magazines. So this will be an independent reference work, basing on

revised translations from the Japanese original (i.e. not the English translation provided

by the NBTHK on their homepage). As the focus is as mentioned on kantei, this is a

rich source of information about the reasons for an attribution to the smith or school

in question and about why other attributions can be ruled out.


For the time being I add the provisional cover and table of contents.


Thank you for your attention. :thanks:







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Thank you guys! :thanks:


There will be an eBook version and I have to check the printing cost

when the final translations are finished but I think the price will be

around 70 Euro per volume (i.e. 140 per set).


@Chris: At the moment at has levelled off at 12h working, 6h sleeping and 6h family per day :D

But I would love to spend all these 12h on sword and tosogu related things...

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