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mei translation please


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Can anyone help with the translation please--i thought i had uploaded the files but apparantly they were the wrong size and difficult to see so i have copied as best i canfor ease---thank you--richard

Uploaded some pics--had the blade authenticated by Mark from sword sales.eu and he suggested a transaltion on here. Thanks all for your assistance







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Very difficult but maybe this...

Date: Choroku 6 year 8 month a day (Choroku only went 4 years...1457-1460)...so...?

Mei: Noshu - ? - ju - nin - Kane - sumi

There are 24 of them in Mino-Seki between 1440-1965.

There are a few clustered around this general date you give...see Hawley KAN 2329-2335. Two (KAN 2331, 2332) are shown in TK 91.

I am only reading what I think I see...it could also be Kaneyasu.

We need to see pics of blade and mei and date to be of help to you.



Edit to add "or what BaZZa said"...just can't tell from a sketch.

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Thanks for the pics (hard to read sideways).

Having seen the real kanji...I now think this may be

Date: Choroku 1 year 8 month a day (1457).

Mei: Noshu Seki Ju nin Kanenaka


there is one Kanenaka in 1469 listed in Hawley 1981 KAN 1704 ( a later one of 1558 of this same name/place is shown in TK 106....I may be imagining things but the mei looks the same as yours?)

hope this helps,

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