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A Special Thank you


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Just a short note

Have been here for a while,added nothing much except the Sak'e episode ....but while we are acknowledging people I would add this.

The two Japanese members with out whom we would be lost on many translations, to a chap I suspect lives in a vault in the city Of Bath who has a vast range of knowledge on all subjects Japanese, the man in the channel Islands who sits on a mound of Tsuba & the list goes on...Thanks chaps.


For advice on Food goto Jean,Antacid goto Chris & dont mention private jets to Brian. And the chap who's threads attract the most views...oh,that would be me 8)


Thanks NMB, it has been fun :freak:


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A honest thank you from my side to all that contribute and make this forum a very valuable one with great knowledge, honest, friendly and helpful people. It might be harsh when you arrive here as a newbie and get told the truth but if you really want to learn true Nihonto,Tsuba, Kodogu etc. you will understand why this is and don't have to question it.


Thank you.


A little tip from beginner to beginner: accept your mistakes, learn from them and move on. Use the superb free knowledge here and enjoy this magnificant Art. Go for quality but before you even know what that is STUDY =) Just a little something I have learned here.

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ask a Cornishman if the glass is half full or half empty and he will invariably answer that it is not big enough....


Just goes to show that we are optimists down here! And looking at some of the swords in our collections you might agree.........(Speaking personally of course.)


However a big thank you to all who share knowledge, start discussions and generally keep this all going!

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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