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  1. Hi All, Up for sale is this shinto period wakizashi by Gassan. It has really nice ayasugi hada which was very difficult to photograph. I think this is the Gassan that worked in about 1624 and was from Owari and also worked under name Nobutaka. It has a nice 2 kanji signature Gassan. The cutting edge of the blade is 21 inches long. It has a wonderful fuchi and one really nice menuki. This is exactly as I got it and just have too many projects in the pipeline so I am selling it so someone else can polish it. I can arrange a nice polish for about $800 for the new owner. I can also arrange for the restoration of the fittings. As I said the ayasugi hada was difficult to photograph but you can see it very clear in hand! $3700 plus shipping and paypal if aplicable. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to msg me though this site or email me at brannow_NO_SPAM@artswords.com Please remove the _NO_SPAM from the email address. Bill Rannow www.artswords.com
  2. O-Tanto/Ko-Wakizashi for sale Signed Kane Masu... very similar to the one featured as Tanto of the Quarter in Bushido Magazine (pictured). There are many generations of this smith spanning late Koto into Shinto. I am not sure which one made this sword and so am also uncertain about the exact age. Mino School- Gunome temper with itame hada. A few spots of loose grain and some minor chips but otherwise quite sound. Well cut grooves. Measures 41.7 cm total length. Nagasa is 30.3 cm. 2.7 cm wide It can be enjoyed as is or if polished would be quite lovely. The saya is a bit longer (46.1 cm) than the blade but it is original as far as I can tell. Same on the handle is high quality. Fuchi is ishime (stone pattern) shibuichi. Habaki is good quality silver foil. Again, worthy of completion with tsuba, menuki and a new wrap job. SOLD Ships worldwide.
  3. Hey all, I have another wakizashi of mine here with an unknown mei that features 8 kanji as part of the signature/date, I'd love to know what it says. I appreciate any and all input on what it means as well as any information you can give me about it! I am nearly positive this blade was o-suriage as indicated by the two mekugi-ana. Its definitely thick enough to have been a katana, so I'll also be looking for a suitable tsuka or shirasaya to put this one in, as all it has is just the saya but no tsuka. Thanks again! ~Chris
  4. Hey all! Just joined as I saw that you're all a very active community and as I cannot read signatures so I thought I would ask for help with this particular wakizashi. It has a kikumon on the nakago and then a smith signature. I would love to be told any sort of information you guys can glean from the signature. Age, smith, apparent rarity would all be much appreciated. I've only recently started to acquire more nihonto for my collection of blades and I am now sitting at a little little over half a dozen nihonto of varying types. It has the original silver foil habaki and a shirasaya. If something special, it would be my first nihonto to choose for restoration to display mounts. Pictures below, feel free to ask for more and I can try to get more! Thanks very much! ~Chris
  5. Can someone tell me the meaning of the kanji on the box? Thank you.
  6. I have posted 6 new swords on the website--please take a look! https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/ Thank you. --Matt Brice
  7. Hello! I recently bought a Wakisashi from a auktion and have no history or knowledge about this sword. I found some tang marks and wonder where i can get help to translate them. Thanks! /Patric from Sweden Attached Thumbnails
  8. Hello! I recently bought a Wakisashi from a auktion and have no history or knowledge about this sword. I found some tang marks and wonder where i can get help to translate them. Thanks! /Patric from Sweden Attached Thumbnails
  9. Can anybody validate this signature or post some pictures to compare this with
  10. So I recently acquired a wakizashi from a relative and wanted to learn a bit more about it. The sword was brought back from ww2 along with a few bayonets and an officer's sword. The blade itself is completely devoid of any kanji but the tsuba and seppa's have some kanji on them. Also on the kashira (hope that is the right term) there is a crest which from what I can tell is from the mori clan though I'm not entirely sure as there seems to be quite a few different variations of that particular crest. There are a few peculiarities with the sword however, the first is that there is only one peg holding the blade in place instead of the usual two. The second is that the scabbard is a good five inches longer than the actual blade. Also of note is that the entire guard is comprised of 6 seppa (seppa or seppas?) two slightly larger pieces and a central thicker tsuba made of copper. All of the seppa are either a brass or similar composite but two are very dark from ageing and from contact with the other non brass pieces. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.
  11. Good Morning to all. Some of you know me as Medina San. I have not posted in a while, so it's about time for me to do so. First this item is not for sale, it's for everyone to enjoy and learn. As that is what I want to do, so all comments and thoughts are welcome. This Wakizshi has an Orikaeshi-mae to Soshu Ju Masahiro its 22 inches long with Horimono of Bonji and So no kurikara. I do have more photos if needed.
  12. Hello everyone! This is my first post, so please forgive me if I make any newbie mistakes. Well, I'm basically in need of some information regarding a wakizashi I might be purchasing. But I'm quite the new when it comes to nihonto and in desperate need of advice and knowledge. The wakizashi is 20 inches long and is in great condition. It is sign KANETSUNE from Mino and it's a Unokubi Zukuri (I believe). The seller has a good reputation and has several with papers as well. According to the seller : "What I know about it is what I've learned from other (knowledgeable) forums that it's Mino-Seki Kanetsune and the signature is genuine, it's going to be around the Oei period (1394-1428). No paper but is in a very nice condition with the attachment belonging to the blade and also has kogatana / kozuka (small knife)" Is the signature real? Would it be a good investment and what should I pay? (Seller is asking for 1800 usd). Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Lukas G.
  13. Lukas

    Help Deciphering

    Hello everyone, Hope all is well. I'm writing regarding a signed nihonto. I noticed that most people here a very knowledgeable and helpful. Basically, I'm looking for any information the mei. I know that is very very hard to give credible information just by looking at a picture, but I though I'd give it a try (received a lot help on my last post). The tang has A mitsu-momi, which I read is rather rare. Thank you very much! Happy easter or/and have a great weekend
  14. hello, could you help me in the translation of these engravings and if you think about this piece, thank you very much.
  15. Hey there, As I'm quite new in the nihonto world I require som advice regarding a wakizashi. Certificate: NTHK (Nihon Token Hozon Kai) Certificate date: 16/7-2017 Signed by: Chief Executive Officer Teiji Miyano Forge: TOMOYUKI Province: Bungo School: Takada Era: Muromachi Year: Bunei 1469-1486 Leaf style: Shinogi Zukuri Iorimune Kitae Itame Hamon: Suguha komaru gaeri Mekugi ana: 1 Full Length: 65.5cm Wakizashi: 63.5cm (sword) Nagasa: 43.5cm (cutting section on the blade) Sori: 1.1cm (curvature) Tsuka: 18cm (handle) It is offered at 1600 usd. I would be very grateful If there was anyone who could give there input. Thank very much. Lukas Gerdin
  16. Hello, I am new to the forum and am seeking help. I am trying to come up with some information about this sword and paperwork. I have been told that the origami is done by Shibata Mitsuo and that's sadly all the information I have on either the sword or paperwork. I have no idea how old it is, who made it, it's value, or anything like that. Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thank you!
  17. Hello, I am trying to buy this sword and I would just like to know the value of it, as well as the age of the blade. It has a family crest on the handle and there is three holes in the tang. Any help would be great.
  18. Haven't posted here before so I figured I should.. My Bizen waki, this was my first nihonto Momoyama jidai Mei: Bishu Osafune Sukesada Suriage from an uchigatana
  19. I recently bought this wakizashi on ebay, with a Moriie signature and dated "Muromachi" era. Now I have done some looking myself into Moriie, there were quite a few it seems, ranging from the famous Hatakeda Moriie to standard Muromachi smiths. Can anyone help me identify or give me a better clue as to which generation Moriie this could be? There was a note on the registration card from a previous owner that thought it may be 2nd or 3rd generation Moriie, but at the price I paid I sincerely doubt that as those smiths have very high Fujishiro, Toko Taikan and Hawley ratings. The sword itself is in very good condition, and seems to have been polished quite a few times in its life due to the thin hamon and two small ware. Please find attached images of the sword, with the mei seen on the middle. Thank you for your help.
  20. Dear NMB Members: I just picked this up from a veteran's family. The vet was stationed in Japan during the occupation. He was stationed in Nara, and he told his son that he was assigned to a group of soldiers in charge of confiscating the weapons/swords from the citizens. He told his son that the citizens were ordered to take all of their swords into the street, and put them in piles. Army trucks then picked up the swords and hauled them away for destruction. He grabbed about six swords and shipped them back home to the U.S. in wooden boxes, along with a number of other items. Apparently, the boxes of war artifacts were stored in the attic for 40-50 years, and opened after the vet died. I purchased three swords: two dress parade swords, and this one. All three swords had surrender tags attached, all from Nara. This one has a number of tags on it, which may just be the owners address information, but I am hoping someone can tell what if any other information is on the surrender tags, if any. The blade nagasa is 20-3/4 inches long. The blade is very straight (Kanbun?), and the tang is shortened, but with what appears to be the kanji: "Bitchu osafune ju ....." The smith;s name is gone.The hamon is suguha. I have attached some photos of the various surrender tags, and I hope someone can tell me if the tags say anything other than the owner;s address. It appears the owner's name is: "Soichiro Yanizoye(?)" Any translation help is sincerely appreciated. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimich)
  21. https://katananokura.jp/SHOP/1203-W02.html Hon'ami Koson kimpunmei, NBTHK papered. At 1.9M JPY = ~17k USD, seems a bit discounted for a Norishige, no? Am I missing something? Just curious, cannot see myself spending that much any time soon.
  22. I can't decide which one of these two sword I should buy: Wakizashi #676 http://www.juwelier-strebel.de/asien-kunst/Japan/wakizashi-tanto.html Katana #713 http://www.juwelier-strebel.de/asien-kunst/Japan/katana.html
  23. Hello, I have come across a naginata wakazashi. I was wondering if it would be possible to be told about the sword. I was really curious about the sword smith and the approximate value of it . I have attached pictures below. I don't plan on selling it I would just like to know if I have to clam it on my home insurance. Thank you in advance for your help!
  24. This sword was owned by my grandfather. The fuchi, kashira, tsuba and shito-dome are iron. The blade length is 22" to the mune-machi. There is no signature that I can see. Would this blade be appropriate for practicing Iado or katas? The wood tsuka core is cracked through the menuki-ana, and the ito and same are badly deteriorated. I want to use the existing menuki, fuchi and kashira to build a new tsuka, although I do feel kind of bad about unwrapping the old handle. Right now there is no way to secure the blade due to the crack in the old tsuka. I'm interested in any information about the origins of the blade and koshirae. Thank you very much!
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