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  1. Hello again, Would it be possible to have the mei of this little wakizashi translated please? Any idea on the period it's from? Not a great sword, just curious. Cheers
  2. Hello all, I finally got around to asking for assistance translating my wakizashi mei. Thanks to Ray and Peter, I know it was signed by Yoshisuke. Peter also provided some additional information, but because I'm on my 6 monthly care routine, I thought I'd get some additional pictures and see what everyone thinks now I have decent pictures of the activity. Extract of what Peter provided: "I thought that this would be a chance for us to introduce the difference between ON and KUN pronunciations. I though that these very (very) late Shoshu guys signed with these characters that we all think of a "Yoshisuke", but went with the name "GISUKE". This is also when the Soshu-den was dissolving in the Muromachi era. There certainly seems to have been a demand for these solid hirazukuri "otanto" at that time. They are quite worthy - by one name or another!"
  3. Good morning all, Would someone kindly be able to read the mei? I've lightened the second photo if that helps. I can't seem to get the orientation correct... fingers crossed. Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, This is my first post in the forum. I have been interested in Japanese culture for a long time, also encouraged by my 10 years of martial arts studies in Iaido. I have been collecting Tsuba for some time now and would like to get my first Nihonto. My budget is limited and it is absolutely clear to me that you get what you pay for, not the less I would like to buy a Wakizashi and would like to ask you for your honest opinion about this offer on Ebay. Thank you very much for your help. Hannes
  5. Hey there, I've recently received a wakizashi from my grandfather, which was previously "restored" in to a terrible state of being. I'm looking to try and restore at least the tsuka and saya myself, but a bunch of parts are simply missing. The kashira is not present, but the fuchi is, now I'm not sure I'd even be able to find a kashira to match the fuchi, but even so, I'd like to know what kind of design this even is, because while I like how it looks, I just can't figure out what it's supposed to be. The fuchi is slightly bent on the inside on one side as well, dunno how safe it would be to attempt to bend it back. It was quite a hassle removing it from the sword, as the guy who "restored" it had superglued all of it together. A few bonus images while I'm at it, it's where I got so far taking all of it apart: And what the sword looked like after that guy restored it some 30 odd years ago.
  6. I came into possession of this sword about a year ago. I was told my grandfather came to possess it either during or just after WWII. He worked on a minesweeper, so he probably didn't acquire it from the source. It has no serial numbers, so I don't believe it is a military sword. The blade is about 22 inches with the overall length being about 28 inches. There are no markings on the tang that I can see. The tsuka has markings around the "rim" and both sides of the tsuba have markings. All markings are hidden when the sword is fully assembled. As a complete novice I'm having a hard time finding a direction to look for information on the sword. Hopefully I attached detailed enough pictures. I know I didn't include a pic of the tang. I can do that, but there were no markings I could see. Thank you in advance. Wes R.
  7. Hi All. What do you think about this one? Photos of only this quality, unfortunately. Thanks in advance. Vladimir.
  8. Hello all, I'm searching for my first nihonto and I've been offered two wakizashi of great quality. First one is not signed, from Kanbun period (around 1660). Mumei of 57 cm, nagasa of 44,5 cm. Hamon type is Suguha. Hada is Mokume. Shinogizukuri, chukisaki, ubu nakago and one mekugiana. Second one is from around 1716 to 1736, fourth generation KANEWAKA, real name Tsujimura Jindai. Hako-midare, suguha, gunome-midare. Shinogizukuri, chukisaki, ubu nakago and one mekugiana. Each one is around 2700 € (2975 $) and they have no papers, although they are sold by a very respectable seller with really good reputation (not eBay or any other online site). Opinions on both? Thank you very much.
  9. Just bought my first sword. I know what the seller listed the signature as. Just thought I’d get a second opinion.
  10. Hello all. I am brand new to this and had recently posted this right before the board went down and deleted the last post and info. I am an antique auction and estate/property auction buyer in the SE US and have recently acquired a Japanese Wakazashi in a bulk property sale with other unrelated items. I am somewhat familiar with war time European blades but am a novice with Japanese blades. I know very little. Can anyone tell me anything about the blade and markings I have? It is a Wakazashi I’m told and it’ has 17.5” of cutting edge. Klay C.
  11. Got this off EBay, it’s my first, and I like it. This could be my new hobby.
  12. Hi, my name is Stephen. This is my first post. Attach are pictures of an O-wakizashi I just purchased. It is my first Nihonto. It is dated 1506AD, signed Bishu Osafune Kiyomitsu. Cutting edge is 59.4cm. The sword was registered in Japan in 1951 (I have read that this was a Diamyo registry year). Being my first Nihonto, I am not very experienced and don't know if this is a good sword or not. Thanks. Stephen C.
  13. I am trying to date this blade. I can't figure out which Kuniyuki made it. I am also trying to figure out if it is worth the money to do a full polish and mount. Please help. I am new on here so bare with me.
  14. Hey guys! You'll probably be able to point out the flaws in it. I can tell that the ends are a bit off center, but this is my first attempt at sageo tying; so I thought I'd share it with you all! This is on a wakizashi that I bought from a guy here and I replaced the tsuba with something I felt fit the piece better. Obviously the sageo's coloring is off for this, but its the closest I could find. I am still fairly proud of it (maybe my boy scout days are paying off, maybe not), though I am sure I'll look back on it years from now and shake my head.
  15. Greetings, Pictured are two Nihonto. As you can see, the polish on the mune at the kissaki has a "dull" or frosted finish that runs about 5 1/2 cm on the mune from the tip of the kissaki towards the mune-machi. What, if any, purpose does this have? The only thing I've heard is that this type of polish is for Tameshigiri to give a visual reference to be at the proper distance to the target. Any other ideas?
  16. Hello, newbie here. I just took ownership of a papered Wakizashi. I have no previous experience with NBTHK papers, but from what I can read, I think I can read "Ninteisho" and "Item, Wakizashi, Hiromitsu" I can make very little sense of anything else, dates, rank, additional information, etc. I know where to look on the paper to find this information, I just can't read it. I believe the envelope is dated 2012 (other side from pic). I can upload better quality pics or scans, but I have attached what I have from the photos I took immediately after unboxing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  17. The Tower

    My Wakizashi

    Whats your opinion on this wakizashi i bought a few years back? https://imgur.com/gallery/NNVT8nC https://imgur.com/gallery/gcvFhlo
  18. Dear All I am working on a translation on A wakizashi with a sanbonsuji hamon. I think 信国義昌楊 Nobukuni Yoshimasa Yō 兼信銘有之 Kanenobu Mei Yū kore Looks to be a signature from the shinshinto smith Chikushu Minamoto Nobukuni tsukuru but not sure Of all of the kanji and no idea of the translation Any thoughts? later david
  19. Hey guys, I want your maximum scrutiny on this blade here. It is alleged Kyu Gunto, but the length of the blade and the apparent looseness of the nakago in the grip throw me off. It is firmly of wakizashi length at a mere 21.5 inches for the nagasa and with a sori of .25 inches. It is signed "Nobuyoshi" but that is the word of the seller. I believe the grip and blade itself are Japanese but with its slight looseness (which may be due to a poorly sized mekugi), there might be a possibility its a put together. It does have both rear and forward seppa. The scabbard does fit it well, but it is about four inches longer than the blade itself (though internally, it appears to fit tightly). I suppose I am asking a few things: Were Kyu Gunto of non-katana sizes (even at 21.5 inches)? Do you think this is a put together? What is the smith's name? Whats the possible age range for this blade? Thanks gents! ~Chris
  20. Hello, was looking for an opinion on this Wakizashi, nagasa 20 11/16 inch's. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I think I have narrowed it down to the Kozori school. Signed Bishu Osafune Norimitsu which I know is indicative of Kazu-uchi mono, so can we say this Norimitsu is kazu-uchi mono? Thank you for any help. Dwayne R
  21. Hi, have a Wak which might have been used by a person working for the goverment, due to Koshirae. Blade is mumei with a very special Hamon. Anyone recognise region, potential smith/smiths? Was thinking about Mino due to Hamon but I am not that experienced in this thing. Blade lenght 31.3 cm Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Krister
  22. Hey all! I have a very lovely wakizashi here that is supposedly signed by 'Taira Shigeyuki,' I'd like to hear any specificities on it that you guys might know, especially age/era. I'd love opinions on it and perhaps a general sense of rarity/value here. I do not plan to sell it, but seeing as its so very nice looking, I was considering doing more than just having a shirasaya made for it. Some information on this blade: Nagasa: 53.4cm Sori: 1.5cm It also has a very lovely (what appears to be) Shakudo-plated habaki with a chrysanthemum or sunburst motif to it. Looking forward to your guys' opinions!
  23. Dave R

    New Acquisition

    New to me and bought at the weekend. A very robust blade and spec's on the photo's. What intrigues me on this heavy blade, 7 mill. thick at the mune base and weighing 600 grms, is that it has two mekugi-ana, but looks to be Ubu. Sadly scrubbed at some point, including the nakago.. A more knowledgeable friend hazarded a guess as it being Mino and dating to the 1720's. Thoughts please.
  24. My wife got me this early Christmas gift...she was told its 1900's. Looking for input on potential age as well as thoughts on where to get the necessary missing pieces for this era... Thank you and wishing you and yours an Outstanding Christmas Holiday and New Year Cheers
  25. Good morning and hello gents. How is everyone today so I’m wanting to start a thread for fittings inspired by samurai armor and or accessory’s they would of had. As I found my self a unique kashira in the shape and the style of kabuto and I’m curious what else is out there in the high end of things. As I’m brain storming a pontential Mount up on what I can find. The kashira is iron with excuse the spelling Noume zonga gold inlay yes I know I spelt it wrong not sure the correct way. I’m guessing Early to mid Edo. Photo is taken from the sellers listing as I am not home to take better Not for resale.
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