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Found 57 results

  1. Hi, I do not know how to decipher this signature on a Kashira. The Tsuka is for a ken Thank you for your help Bruno
  2. Hi everyone. My first thread and I wanted to share this. I recently started collecting nihontos and I'd like to share my very small collection. Open to comments or info. I have a lot to learn and would greatly appreciate any info you have. THANKS Here is the write-up by AoiJapan: Tanto in Koshirae. Signature : Mumei (ShinShin To) The blade was polished. Blade length : 22.8 cm or 8.97 inches. Sori : 0.1 cm or 0.03 inches. Mekugi : 1 Width at the hamachi : 2.54 cm or 1 inches. Kasane : 0.59 cm or 0.23 inches. Era : Late Edo period. Shape : Regular size Tanto. Jitetsu : Itame Hada well grained with Jinie attach. The hada pattern is well seen. Hamon : Nie Deki Gunome Midare. Boshi is Hakikake style. Special feature : This blade was made using old iron of Koto period during the Edo period. Koshirae : Black color Aikuchi Koshirae with family crest. Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata. My pictures: AOIJAOPAN's pics:
  3. A cheap and cheerful wakizashi koshirae. Saya 56 cm, black lacquer (intact, no loss or chips), tsuka 18 cm, brown ito, pretty good menuki, fuchi/kashira is a set depicting a kabuto. This koshirae comes with a nice wooden tsunagi. Good for display or, if you feel adventurous, you might try to fit a blade to it (not recommended as very unpractical). Tsuba is a nice Edo tosho, and it has actually pretty good iron. Gunpai sukashi. Tsuba dimensions: 7.0 x 7.0 x 0.3 cm. $250 with tsuba or $100 without tsuba. Shipping $15 worldwide Global Express, PayPal fees extra.
  4. Collectors--I have a very rare Japanese second model 1890 Flag Rank/Admiral's Dress Sword for Sale. The price is $12,000 or best offer. Thank you! --Matt www.stcroixblades.com
  5. Uzamaki-mon Kin-Urushi-nuri-zaya Tanto-Goshirae A late Edo daimyo aikuchi koshirae with gold lacquer whirlpools covering the saya and a sandal wood tsuka with golden butterfly menuki. Fuchi, kashira, kurikata and the two saya kanagu are made of solid silver, and so is the kozuka. All kanagu have been made en suite - this is a custom ordered item. The dimensions are: total length: 39.5 cm tsuka length: 9.8 cm saya length; 29.7 cm This koshirae has been published twice: in the Kokusai Tosogu Kai (KTK) 2007 catalogue and in the NTHK magazine Token To Rekishi (#683, July 2008). It comes from the collections of Nick Nakamura (chairman of the KTK) and Henry Wilson (a fellow NMB member) I think I will let the photographs speak for this excellent koshirae. You will usually see items of this quality in museums and only the best collections. $2,575 including worldwide shipping, PayPal extra, please
  6. Barrie B

    Restored Kozuka

    Hi all, I have a Higo Koshirae that was missing the Kozuka, and although I tried to find a match, I could not, so I sought the assistance of a professional - Robert Soanes - to solve my problem. http://katchushi.com/restoration-2/kodogu.html I purchased an old Kozuka that the 'motif' or design had fallen off and I asked if he could save/ restore it to suit my Koshirae. I must say that I am very pleased with the service and the result. Not only did he make a new Shakudo Kamon to suit, he 'cleaned' the old Kozuka of the old 'glue' and made it look nearly new..! I cannot wipe the smile from my face..! I cannot recommend his (or any of the other contemporary restoration professionals) services enough. If any of you are thinking about having something made or restored, then I can only say that you should seek (and support) their very valuable services. If I were a younger man, I would apprentice myself to any one of them... Some photos of the finished Koshirae.. Barrie.
  7. Hi all, I purchased this Koshirae recently and although it doesn't have the classic Nishigaki waves F/K, it is classic Higo with the Black Same, leather ito and rounded shibuichi kogiri.. This koshirae has that subdued and elegant 'tea taste' style about it that I really like. : The saya has provision for a Kozuka so although it is 102 cm Katana Koshirae, it think it may have more likely been a Bashin perhaps..? Any thoughts on this? Barrie.
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