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Found 52 results

  1. After some consideration and a large amount of emails/phone calls regarding my participation on here it has become apparent that a little perspective on my thoughts of the future of Nihonto as an art form (shinsakuto) and what I feel may seriously affect its continued survival especially outside of Japan. Disclaimer: this is just an opinion based on my observations so chances are some might disagree. Working outside of Japan as a craftsman means that I see more oddities and questionable swords on a regular basis than most, some are obviously not Nihonto and some just leave us stumped. While it would be ideal to just see true quality Nihonto all the time the truth is outside of Japan it isnt always going to be likely . Instead I on a daily basis get emails with very unresearched questions and often aggressive attitudes with pictures of all sorts. . . I have also learnt that there are no definites only educated guesses. . . not every odd looking blade is a "chinese fake"! So by default I can now recognise the fakes etc relatively easy but no I dont know much on the paul chen, hanwei or what ever brand of who made what, when etc. . . . just not my thing I am however seeing some impressive fakes and they are only going to get better. . . and I would prefer to be on the top of the game. Now if you collect Koto blades chances are you are not going to have to worry to much about said issue but Gendai or even shinshinto then could be an issue as for shinsakuto . . most definately It seems (going by memory of past threads) that this topic stirs a lot of emotions and the kind gentle folk sometimes become obnoxious bakemono . The problem is real and it is not going away so without civil discussion and shared information it will continue its cancerous spread through the gates of ignorance (i should stop watching "the Tick"). I like many others like quality shinsakuto (maybe its all those years bladesmithing) they, if nurtured will one day become historical art pieces. . . I for one would hope that I have facilitated in that journey during my time in this hobby. Just some thoughts to ponder so please be nice. . I have the Flu Kam One of my favourite Shinsakuto. . probably the best example from Hidehisa
  2. Collectors--I have 15 swords currently for sale. Photos and descriptions of the swords can be seen on my website: www.StCroixBlades.com. To see all of the swords, click on 'SHOP', then 'Japanese SWORDS'. I'll have room for a little price negotiation on most swords. I can be reached at mbrice@stcroixblades.com for any questions. Thank you!
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