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  1. Dear All The following is a group of swords I have for sale. Please email me at jswords@mcn.net for information or images. If you PM me I may not get it opened soon. Best to use my email address above. later david in Montana USA For Sale 7th Feb 2018 1. Katana, 27.5 inch, Shinshinto (early 1800’s), Yukimitsu 行光 Great strong blade with bohi, active suguha hamon with masame hada. Small chip and rust area at kissisak Mounted in shingunto mounts (WWII Japanese army officers mounts) with Leather covering wood saya Asking $1750 inventory 8/17/1 2. Katana, 29 9/16 inch (75.1 cm), shinto (or earlier), Mumei, Papers to Shinto Echizen Seki Nice long blade with suguha-midare with lots of activity (short nijuba , hakikake and other) Itame hada. Shingunto mounts (mismatched seppa) has silver mon on kashira. Asking $2150 inventory 11/17/1 3. Ito-no-maki Tachi, with 26.3 inch blade, (showa stamp) Noshu Seki ju Toki Sukenobu saku The blade is in fair polish with gunome hamon. Mounts are WWII period tachi mounts with new gold brown ito with brown lacquered saya. The tachi sageo is tied on the saya. Tsuka with dragon menuki. Asking $2750 inventory 3/13/1 4. Katana, 25 7/8 inch, Showato (late 1930’s to 1940’s) Very clean blade with gunome hamon and a GREAT dragon horimono on omote And a sanscript character on the ura side. Mounts are civilian WWII mounts with a black lacquered saya with a canvas cover Asking $3250 inventory 8/17/3 5. Katana, 32 1/16 inch (81.4 cm), Koto (1532 period), Heienjo Nobuyoshi Mounted tsuba round iron with horses, fuchi/kashira mismatched with flower menuki 6 small chips (1 mm or less) and kissaki point is broken (about 2 mm) Gunomi-midari w/nie and itame hada. Boshi has a very long turnback. Some loose hada And some rust staining Asking $3250 inventory 10/17/1 6. Jumonji yari, 6 7/8 inch on pole currently restoring pole Heianjo Fujiwari Morikuni Asking $2250 7. ?? Wakizashi, 17 3/8 inch, Shinto most likely, Project blade, lots of tempering, lots of activity Copper habaki and poor fitting saya (part of shirasaya) Asking $500 7/31/14 8. Efu style Tachi koshirae late Edo/Showa period No blade Asking $1150 Inventory 8/16/1 9. O-tanto, 13 1/8 inch, Suekoto most likely papered Soshu Tsunahiro Soshu like blade in great polish with hitatusra hamon with tobiyaki and muneyaki Itame hada and some mokume. Mounted with black saya with light brown highlights Shakudo tsuba with gold rims, Fuchi/kashira and menuki are horse. Asking $3500 inventory 11/16/1 10. hold BJ -- Nagimaki naoshi 15 5/8 inch, Shinto most likely Great saya with gold cranes with shakudo fuchi/kashira with cranes Menuki are gold sea turtles Asking $1750 April 2017 11. Tanto, 10 1/8 inch Kanehide early 1500’s koto Blade has a suguha hamon with many scratches, hirazukuri shape (Uchi-zori) Brown/red saya, with matching iron fuchi/kashira with geometric pattern, Tsuba with higo gold inlay Asking $950 inventory 6/17/1 12. ?? Wakizashi, 17.5 inch, Koto/Shinto maybe Seki Project blade, sandpapered Iron tsuba, saya and silver foil habaki Asking $400 inventory 4/14/6 13. Katana, 25.5 inch, Norinaga, koto Suguha midare with lots of nie above hamon (poor polish) Iron tsuba wo village and trees, fuchi/kashira do not match Crane menuki Asking $850 inventory 6/17/2 14. Katana, 26 ¼ inch, Izumo ju Kumohide saku?? Unshu/Kumohide. Very nice choji-midare like choji midare of the Koto Osafune school Asking $1750 inventory 6/16/20 5. Katana 25 7/8 inch, Shinto? Silver habaki, Gunome midare crab claws, itame hada? Ura muneware about 5 inch from habaki, Omote couple hadaware about 6 inch from habaki, Very good polish one on mune about 2 inch from kissaki Very good shakudo F/K very narrow diamonds on tsuka w/brocade under Black lacqueree saya w/kojiri, silver foil habaki Asking $1450 Inventory 7/17/Z1 26. Katana 25.25 inch mumei Suguha-midare, itame hada Asking $950 Inventory 7/17/Z4 27. Katana 25 3/4 inch Mumei Midari suguha 1940’s?, Masume hada oil tempered? Older handachi F/K in iron Asking $750 Inventory 7/17/Z7 28. Katana 25 3/4 inch Naganuma Yoshifusa 長沼由房 Very clean blade, saya 2 seppa, habaki & Fuchi only Gunome w/ osuguha?, wide hamon, oil tempered (1940’s) Asking $750 Inventory 7/17/Z10 29. Wakizashi 17 3/8 inch Mumei koto? Gunome midare itame hada?, Okissaki Good polish, Added silver foil 2 piece habaki has modern saya Asking $875 Inventory 7/17/Z11 30. Wakizashi 17 9/16 inch Mumei, late koto? Omote is kiriha/ura is shinogi-zukuri------katakrirha-zukuri Shirasaya, Gunome-midare w/ Large hills about 2 inches apart Shinae (wrinkles in shinogiji on ura side) Asking $950 Inventory 7/17/Z12 31. Wakizashi 15.1 inch Katsuie Koto Fujiwara ju Katsuie, AKA – Kashu ju Katsuie, Mounted Asking $1750 Inventory 10/16/1
  2. Hi Gents (I don't think there are Ladies among us, but who knows, let's find out ), Seizing the opportunity of the forthcoming events in DE and NL I would like to offer to those who plan to attend a personal courier delivery of the books I have for sale http://tosogu-antiques.com/books-for-sale/ DE event - https://www.facebook.com/events/953292128172419/ NL event - https://samuraiartexpo.com/ Really good chance to save a lot of cash on shipping those "bricks" of knowledge... and my time for packing them Don't hesitate to ask. Best,
  3. Yamagane, nanako, excellent patina and gilding. Motif of sea shells. Very good condition, a few dings on one side, an indentation on the back and a split in the mouth of the kozuka, nothing that would keep you from enjoying it or putting it into a koshirae. Priced to sell: SOLD $225 incl. global express shipping to US and Europe, AND Paypal. So this is all you pay, no cent more.
  4. Gassan Sadakazu tanto, with Bakumatsu style koshirae, with fittings by Shoami Masamitsu. Double Tokubetsu Kicho certification, one for the blade and one for the koshirae Age: Shinshinto, Edo Jidai, Bakumatsu Nagasa: 27,4cm Sori: 0,3cm Moto-haba: 2,8cm Saki-haba: 2,0cm Moto-kasane: 0,7cm Saki-kasane: 0,5cm Mei: 月山貞一造 - Gassan Sadakazu tsukuru (Kao) and commission Certificates: koshirae (Tokubetsu Kicho, 04/05/1970, specially precious item), Tanto (Tokubetsu Kicho, 5/4/1970, specially precious item). Description: Shinshinto period tantou signed Gassan Sadakazu, mounted in typical Bakumatsu koshirae. U no kubi zukuri sugata, powerful masame hada with scattered sparkling nie, suguha hotsure hamon that lead to an average kaeri boshi. This tantou is among Sadakazu's first period blades, Yamato style. Most important the presence of the commission inscribed on the tang, indicating the highest quality level. This blade's nakago is signed with Gassan Sadakazu tsukuru mei , owl's kao with sada character inside and commission. Koshirae is of highest level, typical of Bakumatsu period, with kodogu made of shakudo, shibuichi, gold and silver. Details are incredibly fine made by master Shoami Masamitsu, which signature with kao in inscribed on the back of kozuka. Every kodogu is of the highest level, from tsuba's pitting to kojiri's peony, from details on fuchi and kashira to the scene depicted on kozuka where a monkey, a rabbit and a frog are sitted around the go table. The kogatana is signed 日本鍛冶宗匠雷除伊賀守藤原金道 - nihon kaji sōsho raijo iga no kami fujiwara kinmichi (wazamono), 2nd generation, Kan'ei period 1624-1644, which real name was Mishina Kanbei; on the blade is inscibed a chrisantemum. The hada is itame mixed with masame, while hamon is gunome midare. The tsunagi is skillfully crafted, with detachable habaki made of magnolia. Gassan Sadakazu is ranked JoJoSaku and both certificates are of Tokubetsu Kicho level. Since this is my first item here the price is €8900 + shipping
  5. For sale is a wonderful Gunto mounted mid Edo period blade.The mounts are good quality Type 98 Shin-Gunto mounts with a leather covered saya. The blue and brown field officers Knot is in unissued mint condition and the koshirae is in excellent condition. The blade itself is O-Suriage with a square cut kiri nakago-jiri. The overall look of the sword and the typical hamon point very strongly to the Edo Ishido School from the 17th or early 18th century. Hamon- Flamboyant choji midare in the style of later Ichimonji work. The hamon is nioi based with some ko-nie. The combination of Ichimonji style hamon and shape suggest Edo Ishido as a possible attribution. The blade itself is in good clean condition which is uncommon for a Gunto. There are two small bits of wear, 4mm and 5mm and the slightest indent to the cutting edge (pictured). Description: Shinogi-zukuri, ioiri-mune, tori-zori. chu-kissaki. Nagasa 63.3cm Motohaba 2.9cm Sakihaba 2.0cm Sori 1.9cm Kasane 0.65cm. Nakago O-Suriage Mumei 17.8cm. The price for such a sword is £1850 UK postage included. Postage within UK preferred or Collection, Will be 24 hr tracked and signed within UK. Also comes with sword bag and stand.
  6. Hello. Could I get some help translation on this gendai tanto by Toshihide? I would very much appreciate your help! --Matt Brice
  7. Collectors--here is an 8" tanto by the 2.8 Million Yen gendai smith, Toshihide. One side of the nakago is full of kanji. This fine tanto is available for $3000. --Matthew Brice
  8. The blade was made by the 2 Million Yen swordsmith Kanenobu. The blade has kanji on both sides--one side refers to the god of archery and war. The other refers to a joining of Shinto and Buddhist theologies. Literally each side reads as follows: Kasuga Daimyôjin (春日大明神): The numinous unit of the associated kami and buddhas/bodhisattvas of the Kasuga-Kôfukuji multiplex, Nara. and Hachiman Daibosatsu (八幡大菩薩): The god of archery and war incorporating both elements from shintô and Buddhism. The blade measures 26 3/4" (67.9 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This sword has a complex, wavy hamon. Condition: This Special Order Japanese WW2 Samurai Army Officer's sword is in excellent condition. There are a few small nicks in the blade edge--the biggest of which is 1/32". The blade has occasional carbon patina. The nicks and patina staining will all come out during polish. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. This sword is guaranteed against fatal flaws. As mentioned, this sword will polish beautifully if desired--it is perfectly collectible and displays beautifully right now. $3750 obo
  9. Hello. I am asking for help from those of you who may read Japanese translating the kanji on both sides of the blade on a sword I own. Any help would be greatly appreciated! --Matt
  10. PRECINCT OF THE JIGENDO TEMPLE (Tokyo, Japan) Oil on canvas by ARRAH LEE GAUL (American) 1889-1981 Canvas 25x30inches (= 63x76cm) +frame. This lovely painting used to hang in our sword room to great effect. A gorgeous Japanese summer temple scene painted in the period 1950-57. The frame appears to be the original. (see images) Our broadband is too slow to communicate through NMB so please contact Christopher Shewen by email chrisshewen@gmail.com Click images to see larger. Arrah Lee Gaul is well regarded and according to her obituary her work has been shown in museums in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Paris & London, She lectured at the Philadelphia College of Design and was a member of the famous group of artists "The Philadelphia Ten" The joy of the painting is in the brilliant multi-layered and vibrant shades of summer green with the red architectural details of the temple in brilliant "popping" contrast. It works better among swords and armour than woodblock prints, I think this may be a matter of texture and colour. The condition of picture and frame are good and it is ready to hang now. But I am advised that different computer screens may show the paint colours in slightly different ways. I paid US$3,000 (£1,800) for it in Sothebys New York in 2000. PRICE £650+ shipping at cost. Priced for a quick sale. Shipping (Post&Packing) costs are quoted by Mailboxes-Etc Company: UK £75, Europe £150, USA £230. Plus extra £20 for insurance cover. Mailboxes-Etc are extremely good packers. I have used them several times and cannot fault them. Or: You can collect from us, near Taunton in Somerset Prospective buyers may want to see the buyers feedback from the sale of our library of sword books earlier this year. The feedback was 100% positive.
  11. This time I'm offering an excellent Kanayama piece with a great trail of custody and appreciation: ex Mariusz, ex Jim Gilbert collection (see http://home.earthlink.net/~jggilbert/kanayama.htm). This is a text-book example, small in diameter with thick rim, dished plate and lumpy tekkotsu. The colour is blackish and the surface looks wet and lustrous, typical for Kanayama and Owari sukashi tsuba. Period: Momoyama Height: 6.7cm Width: 6.5cm Thickness (nakago ana): 4mm Thickness (rim): 6mm $1,850 including shipping, PayPal extra You may find more hi-res photos here: https://nihontoclub.com/items/Kanayama-tsuba Regards, Stan
  12. Good evening nmb, Here today, i bring a relatively big sale of tosogu, including 15 tsubas (quite a few ko kinko) and some spare parts. Warning, here comes a big chunk of text about my life that you can simply skip if you want ( i would ) My name is José Ubaldo López, here at the forum dominnimod, and here today, this sale puts an end to a stage of my life. I have been member of this forum since january 2016, even though i think i had been lurking for a year before joining. I think i might be on the group of the youngest members on this forum since im currently 18, and i have to say, this forum is priceless. The mix of infinite knoledge plus the huge quantity of members willing to share and help have make me feel like home here. I don't know what it is, but there's is something enigmatic and tragic about art and nihonto that instantly caught my attention 3 years ago and still does. Every piece of koshirae, every blade is unique , reflecting the skill of someone who lived, loved, thought and felt the same way we do around 1000 to 200 years ago. It kindda feels like the animals at the zoo or circus, like they don't belong here but haven't the ability to simply return to their masters and owners. During these past 3 years i have really enjoyed reading and studying pieces, however, i'm now obliged to reduce my collection to just a pair of tsubas. I have made some mistakes and now i have to pay for them. I choosed wrong my studies(public relations) at university, got very bored and a bit depressed and had to drop out. Now i'm going to try to study engineering which is what i really wanted to study but ran away fearing from failure, as it is said to be quite dificult. However i know understand that i rather suffer studying maths, at least i won't be bored Because of this, now i need some money and it's also better to travel lightweight without many attachments. So here i bring the collection i built in around 3 years, result of selling my old toys and hunting on the deeps of fleabay for good deals. Here is the pdf i made in some days, inspired by the ones of Grev https://es.scribd.com/document/367016046/Winter-2017-Sale Imporant things: -Almost half of the tsubas come with box. -If they don't have box, a small bag will be included to store it ( it's not exactly like the one on the photo but close enough) -Every purchase include a Free extra little thing. -Quality of the photos on the pdf is quite terrible, so if you need ones better, ask me for more. -I have to sell them so if you see something you like, don't hesitate to make an offer! And thats all, -Payment method: Paypal (Family and friends on Europe). And to friends on Overseas i will pay the taxes. -Shipping method: Correos(standard national spanish courier): Fast and cheap, around 20 for a tsuba, i should consult it. Could also use some other method. Have a nice day and happy christmas!
  13. Katana tsuka for sale Total length: 236mm Nakago-ana: 27 x 8.5 mm Fuchi-kashira: Kosekiko & Choryo, Soten school Menuki motif: Dragon Price: USD 250 + pp & shipping
  14. Kozuka with kogatana Full length: 207mm Kozuka motif: Daikoku's mallet and rats Material: shakudo, gold Length: 96mm Width: 13mm Kogatana signature: Senshu Sakai Kanuchinotsukasa Kore-wo-tsukuru Price: USD 150 + pp & shipping
  15. Interesting rare example Iron, Shakudo W74,75mm H79,30mm Seppa-dai 4,25mm Nakago-ana 29,90x8,90mm (at the widest point) Wa Mimi Two Hitsu-ana Kogai Hitsu-ana plugged with Shakudo Udenuki-ana Weight 127,40g Mid-late Edo Price: USD 300+shipping
  16. Strong, bold and unique refined design Maru-gata Iron, brass W86,60mm H89,25mm Seppa-dai 4,35mm (at the thickest point) Nakago-ana 29,15x9,25mm (at the widest point) Two Hitsu-ana Weight 191,60g Early-mid Edo Price: USD 300+shipping
  17. Symbolizes that anybody who is able to persevere through great trials can accomplish their highest goals to become great Mokko-gata Copper, brass W86,60mm H87,30mm Seppa-dai 5,40mm (at the thickest point) Nakago-ana 29,60x8,15mm (at the widest point) Two Hitsu-ana Weight 186,65g Early-mid Edo Price: USD 350+shipping
  18. Hi Gents, Some entry level fittings are testing their luck to find a new owner. 1. Matching (almost ) Carp & Waterfall f/k Price: $100 2. Yasuchika mice f/k Price: $200 3. Soten kurikata Price: $300 I take PP fee, buyer takes shipping. If someone needs sizes just ask. Thanks,
  19. For sale are four very different Tsuba. 1. Moon behind clouds: a nice Wabi-Sabi piece, signed "Mitsushige Bushu (no) ju", very pleasing in hand, dimensions 81mm x 76mm x 4,8mm; 220,- Euro 2. Sukashi Tsuba showing the motif of 16 rings (according to Haynes this is the Mon of the Wakizaka Family who lived in Tatsumo in Harima Province). Unsigned, dimensions: 70mm x 70mm, x 5mm, SOLD 3. Sukashi Tsuba showing a group of Pines, unsigned, good iron, nice choocolate brown patina, dimensions 75mm high x 75mm wide x 5mm thick, 220,- Euro 4. Tsuba with a No-Mask and different music instruments (drum, flute...), a lacquer box and a court hat inlayed in different soft metal, dimensions 67 x 65 x 4mm, mask is very detailed; 280,- Euro PayPal: add 4% fee Shipping: Germany: 5,00 Euro Europe: 17,00 Euro Outside Europe; 30,00 Euro
  20. Custom Order gendai sword. 'Made for Mr. Yoshigawa by Harukuni. Exceptional sword with utsuri. $3400 https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/custom-order-Japanese-gendaito-katana-ww-ii-samurai-sword-ww2-1941/ Thank you. --M Brice
  21. For Sale: Koshoami Tsuba. Condition--exceptional color, excellent 'bones' on the outer rim, tight hairline crack at kozuka hitsu-ana (per one of the NBTHK-American Branch board members--nothing to be concerned with on this tsuba). $650 boxed. Thank you. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  22. Daito sword by Mimasaka kuni Tsuyama ju Kanesaki available. Comes with two sets of papers. Submitted twice over a number of years, each confirming signature. Especially large signed katchushi tsuba with umbrella motif. Deep shakudo fittings. Blade length 29 11/16" (75.4 cm). Unusual size. Big sword, big mounts. Impressive to see and handle. $4895 30+ photos available on my site: https://stcroixblades.com/shop/products/antique-Japanese-samurai-daito-sword-shakudo-papered-signed-old-kanesaki/ --Matt Brice St. Croix Blades
  23. 1 wakizashi sword with fabulous ken horimono. The carving on this sword isn't of the ordinary variety--work like this is done by only the very best carvers. This antique Samurai wakizashi is signed on the nakago/tang: 'Kashu ju Sukehira'. I guarantee the signature. The reverse side of the nakago is dated February 1846. The blade measures 19 3/8" (49.2 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. One side of the blade has a Japanese ken horimono as well as two bohi. The reverse side has one deep bohi, and one thin bohi. As mentioned, the skill demonstrated by the horimono work is exceptional. Condition: The blade is in excellent condition. The blade is in original Japanese polish--no polish is needed. There are a few tiny nail-catcher type nicks. The black lacquer saya has an occasional small mark or scratch. There are no openings of any kind. The temper line/hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. $4500 Thank you. --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
  24. https://www.japanische-schwert-galerie.de/pages/de/antik/katana--waki.--tanto.php?action=more&id=508&wb_6508_session_id=3166a20b17557bd290cdc26d0c78cae4 I've found a german website that only sells antique nihonto that are worthy of preservation. There is a sword (linked above) claimed to be made by a swordsmith called Kamino Nagatoshi who is said to have lived in the Hyuuga/Miyazaki prefecture, in the Bunmei era (1469-1487) in the Muromachi period. My problem is that I couldn't find any information about this smith in any of the avaiable online swordsmith indexes (in english). I've tried everything and I'm clueless. I don't know how or where I should continue my research. Do you know anything about him?
  25. 1 rare South Manchuria Railroad Company World War II Japanese Samurai Officer's sword. The nakago/tang is marked with the South Manchurian Railroad Company symbol. The reverse side is dated Spring, 1939. The blade measures 26 5/16" (66.8 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This sword has a thick pierced tsuba. These swords were the forerunner to the Koa Isshin Mantetsu. This sword has a straight temper line. The nakago's mune/spine is stamped 'N574". The bottom edge of the habaki is stamped with the same matching number 'N574'. CONDITION: The blade is in full polish. The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy. This sword is guaranteed against fatal flaws. The saya finish is excellent with only an occasional lacquer chip. The locking mechanism works perfectly. This Manchurian Railway sword has its original silk tsuka wrap.
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