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  1. Nara kozuka arrived unharmed this morning, Nice and well made kozuka, very happy to be the new owner.
  2. I think it has more to do with a reaction on the previous elaborate koshirae style, tensho koshirae made as simple as possible.
  3. Thank you Guido, your knowledge is impressive. Any info on how it is done, i would love to have a tsuka made like that.
  4. This is a picture of tsukamaki where the menuki are replaced with knots. Does anyone know what type of tsukamaki this is and how it is done ? Merci.
  5. I own these but i have no info on them, i just suspect they are pre 1800 Anybody more knowledgeable here who can tell me something more about them ? Thank you, Hector
  6. I own a pre ww2 kai gunto with a rayskin coverd saya. The rayskin is getting very dry, with leather i would feed it slowely with saddle soap. But before trying that out, i though maybe somebody here can give me some tips on rayskin maintenance. Thank you, Regards, Hector
  7. Thank you all for your reply's, very helpful.
  8. I'm very curious if the inscription has any meaning, the characters look very weird. Only got the picture of the nakago, i'm still waiting for pictures of the blade. Thank you for looking and translating.
  9. Super, thank you 1982 seems more likely
  10. Thank you for your effort, is there a date ?
  11. I would love to know what is written on this nakago. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank 4 your replies, i do not feel ripped for 40 bucks and i learned something. Starting to look out for a real one now
  13. I just bought this arrow dart thing, probably an uchine for 40USD. It was a bit of an impulsive buy and i know absolutely nothing about these. Some comments would be welcome. Age, use, etc... Thank you
  14. Hector_A

    unusual kitae

    First time i've seen a hada like this but it makes me think of something i read. http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/diary.html The first article talks about Aoe's spotted steel or namazu-hada (a rough jinie steel and a fine jinie steel appears as a spotted surface) no pics to compare Just an idea, Hector
  15. I recently bought my first fuchi/kashira from aoi art. Are these big enough for a katana mount ? It fits the nakago nicely but is it big enough for katana tsuka ? Fuchi 3.88 cm x 2.06 cm x 1.01 cm (1.52" x 0.81" x 0.39") Kashira 3.43 cm x 1.61 cm x 0.62 cm (1.35" x 0.63" x 0.24") pictures enclosed made by seller. Thanks, Hector
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