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  1. Hi Ray and Matsumoto, I live in Dumfries South West Scotland, thank you both for the information it’s very interesting. I acquired the blade when I was helping clear out a convent around 40 odd years ago (honestly) I think they used it for plays or possibly for art. I will post a picture of the tip, Matsunoki, I know nothing about Japanese blades but do collect conventional knifes I don’t really know what to do with it to be honest it’s beautiful even in its current state and there is no comparison to my modern knifes I have tried to show the density of the grain I the tip thank you both for taking the time to reply haig
  2. Hi SteveM thank you for your reply, that is very interesting, hopefully someone in the uk will chip in with ideas Haig
  3. Hi, Please forgive me for stumbling onto the forum, I have had for many years, a broken Japanese dagger which I think is a tanto ? Which I recovered from my loft recently, After some Googling I removed what was left of the handle (gently) and discovered a makers mark which despite trying to research is illegible to me the scabbard/sheath is in poor condition as is the handle and the tip is broken, could any member identify this date it or give advice as to what to do with it please Thank you Haig
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