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  1. On this topic- may I ask how much time it takes approximately for your eyes to start noticing the little subtleties that give away fakes?
  2. Hello, everyone. I hope you're all doing well. I was wondering about the works of the smith Kiyomaro. I had a few questions about him. -Why was his work important to the nihonto community? -What are the characteristics of his work? -Where can I learn more about him? (Specifically, which books should I use to learn more about him?) Thank you all. I hope I'm not bothering anybody.
  3. I see. But we don't have concrete evidence proving that shinobi would actually ever favor a certain style of sword- i.e the ninja-to- over katana? I'm really sorry if I still appear to not understand I just want to be sure.
  4. I'm sorry if the questions sounds amateurish but, I have been confused about this for a long time. So: -Were ninja-to ever used historically? -Were they ever used with the 'techniques' ninjutsu dojos claim they were used with- such as holding the sageo in the mouth and 'probing' with the sheath, pushing the sword into the ground and standing on it, etc.? -When do we first see ninja-to begin to appear? -What is the earliest historical account we have of ninja-to? I'm sorry for asking so much! I'm simply curious.
  5. What exactly are semegane? Why are they present on saya? Are there different styles of semegane? What materials could they be made of?
  6. Thank you Jean! Do you have any idea where I can find galleries to view nihonto?
  7. How can I tell apart oil quenched hamon and water quenched hamon? Are there differing levels of activity? Both types can be polished in the same techniques, right? I'm sorry if my questions seem dumb, I'm just a newish beginner.
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