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  1. Sorry. It should read "understand " not "instant". I'm hopeless without a keyboard and PC.
  2. Hi All Just a note of sincere thanks for everyone's interest and support. The depth of knowledge and expertise is quite wonderful. I am enjoying reading and learning on this Message Board. Not that I instant that much yet. Cheers to all David
  3. Thanks for your expert reply. Yes it was buried in a cupboard by my father so that we young boys didnt have access to it and get hurt or worse.
  4. Yes. "Us" was meant to be "is".sorry big fingers on a tiny screen. Lol!
  5. Hi I am 66 and finally rediscovered a WW2 Japanese sword from a lifetime in a cupboard. It was my father's. I have tried as a newbie to decipher these Kanji characters. I have even tried a translation app and various websites using their translation tables for swords. I love doing research but need help with a kick start identifying this sword. Attached are a few photos. Inscription is only one side of tang. No serial numbers or other symbols. The blade is approx 25.5 inches along the curve blade. The scabbard is blackened wood. Cherry blossom pattern on the guard. Brass blossom fittings. Ray skin under silk on Kimmel. Some sort of motif on both sides of Kimmel. Any help would be most appreciated. As I said before I love doing research but matching Kanji wasn't working so well. Thanks for your consideration of this matter. If this request us inappropriate then that us ok.cheers David
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