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  1. These are the additional photos as promised.
  2. Hi Koryu, That is a beautiful sword. I got into a bidding war over one recently and it was by "Sadashige" as well, in much poorer condition though. The fittings are in really nice shape on yours too. It may not need a polish if it cleans up nice. Congrats on your find. Best, Khalid
  3. Hi Alex A, The blade is very straight. I am not sure as to why that is.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to find out some more information about this sword. From what I've gathered so far it seems to be a shortened "chisai" katana. I've edited a few previously taken photos for you to examine. The habaki seems to be too narrow to be that of a katana though. Blade edge is approximately between 21-22 inches (53-56 cm) in length. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Best, Khalid
  5. Hi Smee78, This is a small assortment of swords that came from one source. The former care taker obtained them from various individuals and estates in the local area. Unfortunately there were no stories to be exchanged.
  6. It appears that the nakago of all four blades are unsigned. I do want to note an observation that one of the katana (in military mounts) is substantially heavier than the other two. I tried to collectively photograph the nakago for you to view but the size of the image is too big to upload. It will need to be sized down.
  7. I'm actually just starting to look around for pillows and bags. Any recommendations as to good quality ones would be appreciated.
  8. Hi ChrisW, I was jesting about the polishing wheel.
  9. Greetings everyone, I just acquired these four swords in a trade with a gentleman on Cape Cod a few hours ago, and wanted to share a few photos with you before I bust out the polishing wheel *(cough). They are dirty and need to be cleaned. I'll post a few more detailed photos after I dust them off. Feel free to comment on what you see so far. Best, Khalid
  10. Greetings everyone, I found this katana at a mom and pop gun shop and was wondering what the nakago says. Any help would be appreciated. It has been bubba'd with as the gun community likes to say but it still might be worth saving. Thanks, Khalid
  11. Hi Stephen and others, I was looking at lot #1444 but the missing tang and broken tip have me feeling a little wozzy. I'm not sure if it's worth restoring. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Best, Khalid
  12. Wow it looks like a thinking cap is needed tonight to address the psychoanalysis being conducted on the motive behind "collecting". 1) There are several forum members that have demonstrated writing ability that, if desired, can formulate a thesis or dissertation on the edifice of collecting. 2) There is the empirical evidence that does suggest that Mazlow's hierarchy of needs comes into play, and can be manipulated by the presence of outside factors such as psychoactive drugs. (I personally believe that some psychedelics "distort" the brain physiologically to the point where psychological abnormality can normalize. This exponentially increases the risk of a nervous breakdown in the long term.) 3) Imagine likening the various formulations of "collections" to identifiable psychological processes. Insecure attachment being linked to hoarding for example. I'll check to see where this ship sailed from here in the morning.
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