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  1. I’m also saddened by your friend throwing the Nambu in the river Bugyotsuji. I understand why they did it but I’m saddened that we lost another piece of our history. We seem to be loosing more and more of it lately. I for one am going to do my best to save and preserve every piece I can for future generations to enjoy as I have.
  2. These are for the gun collectors. This is the Nambu and original holster that came with the sword. If this is not aloud I apologize in advance and feel free to remove.
  3. Ok Heres some more pictures. Unfortunately the tip of the blade has some issues. Don’t know if this can be repaired or how much this devalues the sword. I appreciate everyone’s help, I’ve learned a lot because of you guys. I’ve read the SMR story Bruce, great read. Kiipu great info thx and I’ll post better pictures of the tang for you.
  4. This is the tag that was on the sword. Also the Nambu pistol is matching numbers and no import marks. Kinda hard not to believe the story.
  5. Hey guys, I’m new to the site and looking for a little help. I’m actually a surplus gun collector. And in my search for the next addition to my collection I ran across a guy with a Japanese Nambu that his grandfather brought back from WWII along with an officer’s sword. Long story short I bought the pistol and was intrigued with the sword because of the tag on it. It had the Joint Intelligence blue triangle, his grandfather’s name and “Japanese Sword”written on it. So if the story was true I wanted to keep the sword and pistol together. And now I’m a sword collector lol. I’ve done some research and I believe it was made by Okitsugu Isshin, but I’m not sure of the date. This is one thing I need help with as well as info on restoring the sword. I don’t want to do anything to it till I research the proper way to go about this. I also want to know if anyone has a data base and would be interested in adding my sword to it. I’m going to try and upload a few picks of the tang and more pictures later. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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