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  1. Hi everyone. I hope i post this in correct category. Im a new collector (noob) and i found a katana that im thinking about buying. After learning how many old looking fakes are out there i got real nervous. The seller want a lot of money, but he can not give me a lot of information about the sword, and he seems to not understand many basic things. I can see there is markings on the Tsuba(hand guard) in addition to the blade. I almost did not see it. But the seller can not give name of blacksmith and i think that is strange since the blade have a clear markings. I tried looking at 200 pages of kata blacksmith database with no luck, so now im here. Hope you can help. Thank you so much in advance All i want to know is if this is real or not. Would be happy to get more info if you have any, but its not needed. THANK YOU (I have removed the pictures out of respect for seller)
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