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  1. The numbers are imbedded in the medal, my wife and I could not feel any other number, just very smooth, it’s very strange
  2. Definitely no metal missing, really smooth and very sharp
  3. It’s been put away for a very long time, it was taken off a Japanese soldier that tried to throw a grenade. I’m really glad I found this site for intel, been researching for days
  4. This is the sword that my grandfather brought home in ww2, I know nothing about it and am curious
  5. Of course, I will as soon as I get out of work, thanks
  6. My grandfather was in ww2 in the Philippines, he was driving heavy equipment with a guard riding shotgun, a Japanese soldier was about to throw a grenade and the guard shot him and recovered the same sword, I don’t know much about it but I have the sword and would like to know it’s worth and history
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