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  1. To summarise, perfectly clear words have become ambiguous, and ambiguity doesn't call for clarification before passing on what is probably a reservation to someone else. All you get is one shot at guessing which word will be 100% clear to the seller. Had I known what the world has come to.
  2. Oh yeah, because when people answer an ad that's offering items for sale by saying they're interested, maybe they're interested in something else than buying it, right? Who knows. I mean, maybe they're interested in #3 for writing a PhD about it, they're interested in #4 for, let's say, making a Zoom conference about, and #5 that one is probably for planting in the garden. I thought we were all grown ups on this forum. Turns out, you say you're interested in items up for sale, and people have no clue what you're talking about. Oh but that other one, let's see, he used the verb "buy", let's look it up on Google. Okay buy means buy: he must want to give me his money. That must be my man then. Whatever that other guy meant. Surely he posted in the wrong window or something.
  3. @Brian Maybe you should remind people who sell stuff how this is supposed to work, such as maybe don't sell it to someone else after a first person already did so. I posted my interest in 3 items literally one hour after the ad was posted, just one. Seller tells me more than half a day later that 2 of them are already sold to someone else (whatever that person did better than me), and when I then asked how to proceed for the single remaining item, well that one got sold in the meantime. Great. So exactly what does one need to do in order to buy something on this forum? Clearly, being the first person saying exactly what you want to buy from the ad within the hour after it being posted is not, so my question is, what is? "Someone else" was selected as better buyer than me apparently. Not the first time this happens on this forum, and exactly why my reputation is currently minus 3 for voicing it the first time. Selling directions should be clarified and enforced. Otherwise, it's called discrimination.
  4. Hi, I'm interested in #3, #4 and #5. I tried to PM you but apparently you can't receive messages. Would you mind starting a conversation so we can discuss the details? Many thanks
  5. Being the happy buyer of these catalogs, I'd like to tell everyone how kind and responsive Michael has been for the length of this transaction. I will not hesitate to buy from him again. One could only wish dealing with NHM members was that smooth every time!
  6. Like you said you're working very hard to achieve your reputation, and part of that work seems to be about being cutting all communications, such as when you don't offer any explanation at all as to why you suddenly call the deal off and leave the private conversation, only to then get busy writing a public post. Does your behaviour make sense? Not to me. Oh yes, I forgot, I mentioned I would like to sign a letter of sale, scaryyyyyyyy right? Did I also mention I was fine not doing it? Yes I did. Did I get an explanation why this was not enough to resume the sale? Nope. If you want to cancel a sale just because somebody mentions something without actually making mandatory, then just what exactly is wrong with you? This is just a discussion. You know, when people make suggestions about the best way to do something, without taking every single word and requests as a mandatory box to tick before moving forward. Are you saying it's because just mentioning a letter of sale is enough to hurt your earned pride and call off a deal? How silly would that be. That and your sense of smell that I might return the books. I mean what is that about exactly? How can you suddenly assume all the wrong things about a person who's just trying to buy a meager $120 worth of books off of you? And FYI the "official Hawley's Website" is no longer active, so apart from browsing its outdated content, there's nothing else you can do with it. And telling me to go buy these from Amazon? You're either having good fun behind your screen or earning the reputation you're talking about. You act like the princess everybody should have read all the posts of, followed on Instagram until they know who you are and how you deal with your buyers, but you can't expect that of people, can you? I'm just a random somebody with a recent account (and quite a few PMs to established members like you) willing to purchase $120 worth of books when others trade blades for thousands, and you basically snob me by taking off the very second I write "letter of sale" and therefore reached the point of no return with your insulted pride, when all you had to do was reply "sorry that's not for me, can we work another way?" and in fact I have already answered that question. But no no no it's too late for you because you have now put all kinds of label on me such as "will return my books" - "will waste my time" - "will complain about a torn page and ask $100 back". For your information, signing an online electronic document literally takes 3 mouse clicks nowadays (because it's 2021). That said I never forced you to do it so I'm still in what-the-hell-just-happened mode. You can tell everyone all you want, nothing makes sense in why I've been personally banned from this sale.
  7. The seller wasted my time so I thought I would report it here so he doesn't waste anybody else's. I contacted him to buy the magazines and didn't even discuss the price. He also has kozukas for sale and was supposed to tell me which ones would fit my saya within 2 days and that took 2 weeks to tell me there was none. Once that was out of the way and he followed ME up to conclude the sale, I said I was ready to proceed. And just when everything was ready he said he didn't want to trade with me anymore and plainly left the conversation with no explanation. I chased him up asking what was wrong with him (or me) and the only answer I ever got was I should go buy all the magazines for a couple dollars on Hawley's inactive website. Whatever. In a community such as this, you shouldn't be allowed to put your items for sale if you're going to discriminate buyers. The funniest part is the seller didn't have any information about me except my country of residence so I really don't know what happened to his head. Regardless it's just wrong to post in the sale section only to refuse to serve potential buyers.
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