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  1. Thanks @Gakusee! At least this shed some light on that and is anyway a good improvement for me for interpreting the blade!
  2. Thank you very much Christpher (@Valric), indeed really helpful. That section in the blade, if I'm not mistaken, should be the following one:
  3. Thank you very much for the hints Christopher. In the description of the sword by the vendor (usually really reliable) Nijuba was mentioned, but now wondering if it's not that one or if the description was not precise.
  4. Hello, I'm Giulio, Italian now living in Switzerland. I've always been interested in Japanese culture and art and recently I extended my passion to Nihonto. I had the opportunity to buy two ko-Mihara blades and I'm now in the process of studying them. Best regards, Giulio
  5. Dear all, I would like to ask you for your opinion in regards to a Hataraki I'm observing on a ko-Mihara blade by Mihara Masahiro. It generally looks to me as a Nijuba, but, as it seems to originate directly from the Habuchi, might also be considered as a Nie-sake or a Hotsure. Now, I'm aware that bold and unambiguous definition are not always possible when discussing about steel activities, so it could perfectly make sense that an Hataraki originates, for example, as a Hotsure and then reconfigures as a Nijuba, but, as I'm pretty new in Nihonto studies, I would really like to ask for feedbacks of people with more experience. Thanks!
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